Crowdsourced Yearbook Pages

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Here are 3 yearbook page ideas to have your school community contribute by submitting photos or quotes, or by answering survey questions.


1. Incorporating Selfies in Your Unique Yearbook Design

Selfies are a great way to for student-generated content to make your yearbook come alive. Read More

Selfie 2

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2. Who looks like who? Add a Celebrity Look-a-like Page to Your Yearbook

Everyone wants to have a Celebrity Look-a-Like, and with a yearbook paged dedicated to that, you can. TreeRing helps customize fun into your yearbooks. Read More


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3. Hand Prints: Interactive Colorful Fun for Pre-K Yearbooks

Hand prints are a great way to get kids excited about their yearbooks — kids love messes, and love making their mark. This combines both in an interactive way. Read More

TreeRing- Handprints

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