School Life Yearbook Pages

Tree Ring- Degrees of Separation

These pages are of the traditional yearbook variety (snapshots of what the year was like), but often with a fun, creative twist.


1. Who Knows Who: Playing Six Degrees of Separation in Your Yearbook

Six Degrees of Separation is more than just a fun game — it is a great way to show your students that no matter how big the school, they are all connected. Read More

Tree Ring- Degrees of Separation
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2. A Day in The Life: Capturing a Moment in Your Yearbook

A day in the life page is a great way to document a normal day that is extraordinary in its own way. A student or group takes pictures of what happens to them on an ordinary day. Read More

TreeRing- A Day In The Life

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3. Clearing the Air: The Fun of an Anonymous Confessions Page in Your Yearbook

An anonymous confessions page in your yearbook can create a fun way to clear up gossip and let people say what they’ve always wanted. It’s a great way to get people involved and excited. Read More

TreeRing- Annonymous Confessions

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