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3 Ideas to Capture Learning Pod Memories in a Yearbook

Learning Pod

Have your students joined a learning pod–also called “pandemic pods,” micro-schools, or nano-schools? Did you hire a local pod teacher? Learning pods have quickly become popular given how many schools are either distance learning, (and parents want to have safe social interactions for their kids) or schools are open (and parents aren’t yet comfortable having their kids interacting with such a large group of students).

As this year is different for learning pod students, we wanted to make sure you had some ideas on how to capture these students’ memories in a yearbook. They will cherish the special bond this small group of students creates and they deserve to have it memorialized. Even if they go back to school later in the year, it will be worth looking back to the activities and memories shared while learning with their pod.

Instead of Class Yearbook Spreads, Consider Monthly Learning Pod Spreads

While you could always have a timeline of what happened throughout the year, it might be fun to cover each month. The pandemic days seem to all blur together, but each month comes with its own memories. Covering each month of the school year would be a great reflective exercise for your students too. At the end of each month summarize everything they have learned, and ask them to share their favorite stories and moments from the month. Looking back on what you’ve accomplished is a great way for students to feel pride in what they’ve done when every day, feels like blurday.

Give Each Student a Dedicated Page

Design a specific formula for each student to use maybe 3-5 questions to ask each child about their learning pod experience and 2-3 photos (one of the 1st day of school or a photo of them with their favorite project). And don’t forget your educators, just like they would want to remember who their class teacher was, they will want to remember their learning pod teacher too. He or she will have a very unique perspective on their learning experiences that might otherwise not be remembered.

Include Activities in the Yearbook

Similar to traditional yearbooks have spreads for various sports and activities, do the same with your learning pod activities. Perhaps there will be a special science project or Halloween party. Make sure you capture these moments as well. What about the curriculum, given the group size is small, how did the curriculum change, and what was included.

These memories–though only shared by a small group of students–are unique and worth remembering. The learning pod concept, though similar to a homeschool co-op, is unique and worth preserving in a yearbook.

Link to build your Learning Pod Yearbook

If you’re looking for other ideas on what to include in your 20-21 yearbook, check our list of ever-growing ideas as many can be enjoyed by your learning pod too.

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