3 Infographic Ideas to Jazz Up Your Middle School Yearbook Content

Content is the heart of your middle school yearbook. But to make every page of your publication more exciting than the last, you need to find creative ways to communicate. A combination of features that offer short snippets and long-form content can be the best way to draw all of your readers in. When you’re searching for new solutions that work for short-form elements, infographics can be a great fit. But if you’re not overly familiar with how infographics work, or what kind of information will make your page pop, you might be reluctant to incorporate these visual beauties into your book. Below, we’ll walk you through how to choose the perfect concept for your infographics and give you tons of ideas to get started!

Purpose of an Infographic

A brilliant infographic effectively communicates short snippets of information to your readers in a highly visual way. Every word within your design has a purpose. Since infographics are a graphically-driven medium, your focus should be on building a cohesive set of words and images that naturally take a reader from beginning to end. Content that is heavily statistics-based will be the best fit for your feature — this type of data is easy to follow. To engage your students and the rest of your readers, you want to make sure that the type of statistics grab them by piquing their interest: they should be funny or extremely relatable.

Get the Right Information

To get the right data for your infographic, think ahead: student polls and surveys are a great way to gather information, and with good planning, you can include questions for multiple infographics within one survey! To get students involved, set up a table over a few lunch periods and encourage them to fill out anonymous responses to your survey questions. Once you compile your answers, you’ll have the perfect fodder for several fabulous visuals for your middle school yearbook! And if you’re searching for inspiration on what to cover, you’re in luck. The ideas below offer imaginative concepts that support the perfect infographics, including what kind of data will make each one shine.

“Habits of the Modern Student”

A funny feature on the daily life of students on your campus, this infographic is one your school will love. Brainstorm fun, relatable questions with multiple choice answers for your survey, such as:

  • Do you bite your pencil during a test?
  • What’s your favorite subject?
  • How often do you daydream during class?
  • Have you ever used the “dog ate my homework” excuse?

The more your questions get at funny student behaviors, the more successful your feature will be!

“Students Give Back”

Kids like to know what their classmates do in their free time, which makes this type of content interesting. Plus, an infographic that focuses on student charity work can inspire more kids to give back to your community! Poll your student body on how frequently they donate their time, what types of causes they support, and what their favorite volunteer experience has been. You might even get some motivational one-liners to add to your “Quotes” section!

“What’s in Your Locker?”

While your students would love to grab some unique inspiration from a few of the most decorated lockers on campus, the vast majority of your students use their personal space as more of a dumping ground. And that can make this type of infographic the perfect way to add something funny to your book! Multiple choice questions will get you the best results — and I definitely recommend including these three:

  • How frequently do you stop at your locker each day (never, once, twice, 3+ times)?
  • How organized is your locker (everything’s color-coded!, very, somewhat, what’s organization?)?
  • What’s the grossest thing we would find in your locker (dirty gym socks, an old banana, etc.)?

Modern Middle School Yearbook Content

To build great infographic questions — and get awesome stats — for your middle school yearbook, you have to think like the kids on your campus. Use your student committee to come up with fun concepts, and to find out what’s trending at your school. This can help you create visual elements that really speak to your student body! Once you’ve compiled all of your survey data, you’ll be amazed at how much fun you and your team have pulling together this creative concept for your book. In fact, you might have so much fun that you make it a major feature in next year’s yearbook, too!