5 Halloween Spread Ideas to Delight (not Fright)

Dog holding Halloween sign for yearbook photo

Your child’s school is decorated with spider webs, pumpkins, and cauldrons. The teachers have lined the classrooms with goodie bags filled with crafts and candies. Your kids smile ear-to-ear as they parade around in their spunky costumes they will refuse to remove tomorrow. But, you’re a yearbook chair and don’t know how to capture the spooky fun in this year’s yearbook. AH NO! THE HORROR! Well, don’t go running off alone to the basement where the bad guy is obviously waiting. We have you covered with five Halloween yearbook spread ideas that are sure to be a spook-tacular hit!

No need to scream, yet.

1. Hallo-back

Add a #throwback Halloween spread to your book using photos of teachers and students in costume in their early years. Number photo submissions in a collage format and have the answers in the index or an autograph page at the back of the book.

Another idea for this yearbook spread is to crowdsource submissions from the students. Partner with teachers to collect students’ stories of their favorite Halloween, traditions their families have, etc. This spread can really give a fright for students when they look back and see all the silly things they may have felt during Halloween.

Tie-in an Early Ghoul yearbook special to remind people these photos and memories will be in the yearbook, which is on sale now. Fall is never too early to start selling more books!

Combine backgrounds and graphics from Treering’s Wizard and Board Game yearbook themes to achieve this look.

2. Fright to Delight

Halloween has two sides: cute and creepy. This spread captures the sweet with the scary. This K-12 spread idea highlights both by using photos of students who dressed up “scary” costumes with the kids that dressed up as heroes and princesses. As always, don’t forget to capture content like classroom party games, trick-or-treating through the halls, and decorations. You could even do a special edition Halloween this or that and put the survey results on the spread.

Halloween yearbook spread and clip art ideas for classroom parties
There are hundreds of graphics available for your Halloween spread in the Treering application.

3. Ghostly Gathering

A second idea for your yearbook is ghosts! These timeless icons have gained even more popularity through TikTok’s photoshoot trend. High school yearbook staffs can have fun crowdsourcing these trending photos.

This Halloween is a great time to participate in the trend and celebrate these ghostly creatures by using them as your show-stopping Halloween yearbook spread’s graphic tie-in.

Elementary schools may want to use the ghost graphics to create a cohesive look to encase their Halloween spreads. Some ideas for candid photos include:

  • showing individual students at work on their crafts
  • a group shot of game in-action
  • parents readying their children at drop off

4. Carving Out Memories

If your school is rocking out in-person learning and planning something like a Halloween party, this is a great opportunity to use our “Carving Out Memories” Halloween idea. Most classroom parties bring Halloween cheer to kids with pumpkin paintings, themed crafting, and costume contests. If you’re not allowed to be in the classroom, ask teachers to submit photos of each activity for publication. Tell them it would be a treat!

Some neighborhood go all-out with décor. As parents to submit their Halloween home flair, with or without students. Find out what candies families distribute and create some polls to capture more memories.

Isn’t she boo-tiful? Seriously, if you haven’t done a pet spread, it’s one of the more popular ways to get parents and students involved.

5. Pet-a-Boo

If your school isn’t having parties this year, or you’re looking for something just a little different for your Halloween spread, try something new to celebrate Halloween: “Pet-a-Boo.” Ask for people to submit photos of their kids with their pet dressed in costume.

Bonus Fun for the Spread: Halloween Superlatives

  • Scariest/funniest/most creative/most original costume
  • Best make-up
  • Best decorated pumpkin
  • Fastest Mummy wrap
  • Scariest ghost story
  • Best zombie dance
  • Most likely to get a black cat 
  • Best “best friend” costume
  • Best teacher costume

We also have non-Halloween superlatives for you!

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