A "Don't Hold Your Breath" Yearbook Theme Can Help Students Share Individuality

don't hold your breath yearbook theme

No matter where your school is, finding a yearbook theme that really resonates with your student body is important. The more students feel like their yearbook is a strong representation of who they are, the more likely they are to buy it—not to mention, a more memorable publication can have a huge impact on your yearbook sales for next year. So when you’re searching for a yearbook theme that can really apply to a diverse student body, “don’t hold your breath” can be a great choice! I love that it’s open to interpretation—which means every individual can put their own spin on the theme, right down to their custom yearbook pages. Ready to learn more? I’ll give you some awesome concepts to use for incorporating this particular theme into this year’s publication.

A “don’t hold your breath” yearbook theme can be a great way to encourage students to get creative and silly with the photos they submit!
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Time Flies

When it comes to the course of a single school year, there’s one thing everyone can really agree on: time really does fly between the start of your year and the end! And a “don’t hold your breath” yearbook theme can be a great way to show off all the fun your students had throughout the year while they dove into learning, head first. Throughout the school year, encourage teachers to take pictures of great class experiences—be it a cool science experiment, a creative presentation, or when a unique speaker visited the school. You’ll end up with a whole yearbook section dedicated to all the things students did while they weren’t holding their breath, but having fun instead!

Get Creative

Building out an awesome yearbook theme means letting the students get a little creative with the photos they submit. For middle schoolers, set up a fun photo booth in the lunch room where students can pose for their own interpretation of “don’t hold your breath”. This gets everyone engaged with the yearbook theme during school, which can help you better spread the word about the final book (and help sell more yearbooks). It will also help students add a fun, personalized touch to the pages of the yearbook, to really help bring your theme to life.

Class Artwork for Your Yearbook Theme

At the elementary school level, try to get each classroom to take a creative class photo, or make a fun art project that incorporates the “don’t hold your breath” yearbook theme. You’ll probably get a few classes pretending to swim under water, some making funny faces while holding their breath, and others taking a completely different approach. The point is to bring some creative, silly energy to the classrooms and to your book as a whole. This is a great way to get the younger kids really excited to see which pictures and projects end up on the pages of your publication!

Creating an awesome yearbook is super easy with TreeRing’s online layout process. Now the rest of the creativity is really up to you! Gather inspiration from around your campus to find fun, unique ways to use your yearbook theme and get students engaged. Not only will they have fun creating great content, you’ll love seeing everything that they come up with!