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A Dance & Graduation Yearbook Theme Idea: Roll Out the Red Carpet

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Developing the best yearbook theme for this year’s spread takes more than just brainstorming—you have to weave your fantastic theme effectively throughout the pages. It can’t just appear on the cover of the book. Discussing a few ideas for yearbook themes and their implementation can help you identify the best fit for your team. One of my favorite yearbook themes involves “rolling out the red carpet” to make the year magical for everyone. Read on for fun ways to feature this type of theme on your campus and in your school yearbook!

Rolling out the red carpet for middle-school dances can make for especially memorable events and yearbook photos!
Photo Credit: Flickr user Jacob Burns Film Center

Class Parties

This is a great yearbook theme for middle-school kids—they can really get into it at their class parties during the school year. Students this age love to feel a little more grown up, and using a red-carpet party theme can give them a special, sophisticated feeling without going too far. Roll out a red carpet as students are entering the party. You can even enlist some parent volunteers to act as photographers and grab the students’ best “Vogue” poses while they’re entering. Use a fun playlist that includes a lot of upbeat pop songs for a real Hollywood feel. And for the food, give everything a fancy celebrity name. You can even hand out inexpensive sunglasses or props to give everyone a real red-carpet vibe!

Old Hollywood Day

Most schools encourage students to dress up for Halloween—so why not have your own “Old Hollywood” day, where students are encouraged to dress up like their favorite Hollywood star, past or present. You could host it on the day of your Halloween celebration or more towards the middle of the school year, to create an event that’s all its own. Again, you’ll want to “roll out the red carpet” and bring in some volunteer photographers to nab great shots for your yearbook spread. Since you already have the supplies from your class party, it’s an inexpensive way to make some fun memories! And you’ll get some great photos for the yearbook, too.

Remember Graduation

Finding ways to incorporate your yearbook theme from the beginning of the school year to the end is what will make it really memorable. So don’t forget to bring some of that fun red-carpet glamor to the eighth-grade graduation! Roll your red carpet across the stage and encourage students to do a fun pose as they’re exiting stage left. Since your Treering yearbook can be turned around so quickly, it’s easy to incorporate these kinds of photos into your spread at the last minute. Or, just use this idea to continue promoting your theme and sell some extra yearbooks at the end of the school year!

The Best Yearbook Themes

Integrating your yearbook theme throughout the entire school year is the best way to really generate excitement and create consistency across the pages. And it’s that consistency that will make your theme more cohesive and impressive. Tying your theme into events throughout the year will also support yearbook sales—students will be way more excited to check out publications that captured their fun “red carpet” memories from multiple events. Now get out there and start grabbing great photos. We can’t wait to see how you dazzle with your red-carpet display!

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