Adding Some Creativity and Student Perspective to Your Elementary School Yearbook

student perspective

Let’s face it—when you’re pulling together an elementary school yearbook, a lot of the responsibility falls on the teacher organizing the project, along with some very involved parents. But just because you can’t task your students with big responsibilities, it doesn’t mean you can’t let them be involved in the process.

Through fun activities in the classrooms at your school, you can create some amazing memories and content that will last forever and really set the pages of your yearbook apart. Younger students can’t take on a lot of the work that goes into creating an elementary school yearbook, but they can still help you build an awesome spread! Ready to learn more? I’ll give you my favorite tips below.

Kids Say the Craziest Things

To get great content from your students, you have to get down on their level. And that means finding out what their favorite part of school—or this particular year—means to them. To do this in a way that inspires amazing elementary school yearbook pages, start an activity that allows your students to write or draw exactly what this year has meant to them. By phrasing your question in very simple terms, you’ll get a wider variety of answers. Some students will talk about their school experience, some will focus on their friends, and others will throw a phrase at you that you never expected. And those are exactly the kinds of things you want to include in your yearbook spread! Words straight from the mouths of babes, while slightly unpredictable, will surely produce the creative copy you’ve been looking for.

Re-create the Class Picture

Since you likely don’t have a student ‘committee’ to work with, try enlisting your fellow teachers for help. They want their students to have fun with the yearbook, too. And sometimes, all you have to do is ask to get their help. One fun option for a creative student project is to re-create the class picture! Leave the details up to each classroom. Have the teachers encourage their students to work together to create a giant picture of their class, drawing out what makes their little group unique. Or, have each room find some fun props and stage a new class picture that shows a little more zaniness and personality.

Then have all the classes from each grade—or the school, depending on the size of your campus—share their creation with each other. Not only will this give you awesome content to add to each classroom’s yearbook spread, it will get everyone involved in developing their own, unique page. Ultimately, this will add more flavor to your yearbook and a spread that’s totally unique to your school!

The Elementary School Yearbook From a Student’s Viewpoint

When you’re looking for pictures that display what life is really like at your school, you’ll want to get a view from the life of an actual student. And you can do that super easily—in fact, you can enlist a few students from each grade to share their “daily life” view without spending a lot of your budget. All you need is a few disposable cameras!

Distribute the cameras amongst the students who are sharing their day. Ask them to take some pictures of what a normal class looks like, what they do at recess, how they view the lunchroom, etc. What you’ll end up with is some great pictures for your elementary school yearbook from a child’s eye view, which is a perfect way to capture student life from the kids’ perspective!

Getting your students to help create awesome content for your elementary school yearbook doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is a little creativity and enlisting some help from the rest of your co-workers. Before you know it, you’ll have the best book your school has ever seen!