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Back when Vanilla Ice solved all my problems, my yearbook rep and high school adviser were the only ones who could answer my yearbook questions. Now, I have Google, Pinterest, Facebook groups, a network of brilliant colleagues, and of course, this blog. Sifting through all the info can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re providing answers to the top five yearbook-related questions from the previous 30 days.

1. What are Good Senior Superlatives?

Yearbook awards, such as senior superlatives, are one way to increase coverage in your book. And while it might sound like a competitive way to incorporate a traditional yearbook feature, it doesn’t have to be–especially if you make sure you feature a variety of students.

  • Most likely to be your boss
  • Most likely to win an Olympic medal
  • Most likely to fight aliens… and win
  • Most likely to return to [school name] as a teacher
  • Most likely to be sponsored by Twitch
  • Best shoulder to cry on
  • Best TikTok
  • Best Promposal
  • Most innovative ideas: for a group or club that seems to always be coming up with new concepts
  • The hustle award: for the students who are always giving 100%

These are our favorites. We have hundreds more.

2. Glossy or Matte?

It’s not as easy as decaf or regular. Selecting a cover finish is like selecting a first-day outfit: the initial impression of the yearbook begins at the cover.

Choose your finish: glossy, matte, UV gloss, or metallic foil.

Among the Treering Yearbooks staff, matte is the preferred yearbook cover choice by far.

“I’m a texture person so they are soft and I love that.”

Erika H., Community Advocate Team Manager

“The way that glossy catches the light adds a nice shine, but that shine blocks out our kids’ custom cover art. I know glossy is popular, but I’ve never been one to follow the crowd!”

Tevis D., Yearbook Artist

“I received my first matte soft cover this year and love it. Even when laying next to a glossy hard cover book, it gives off a more professional vibe.”

Cassie W., Community Advocate Team Manager

“I think glossy can look more vibrant but matte just looks ‘classier’ to me. It shows fewer fingerprints and scratches, too.”

Anna M., Yearbook Aficionado

Are you #teammatte yet? There is a use-case for glossy beyond personal preference. Glossy covers work best for vibrant photographs because the shine enhances the colors and sharpness of the photograph.

3. How Do You Use Treering?

Click, drag, drop–it’s pretty easy to create a book using Treering’s free software

You can also use external software such as InDesign to lay out your book and upload it. Templates and upload instructions are in the Help Center.

More Answers Abound

You won’t yearbook alone either. (Yes, yearbooking is a verb.) Between 24/7 access to articles and videos and editor and parent support phone and email channels, we’ll be there for you.

Yearbook Club by Treering provides yearbook editors, advisers, and ongoing training and professional development opportunities. These free webinars cover marketing, design, and organization.

4. What Are Some Most Likely To Awards?

Similar to the senior superlatives above, we have elementary and teacher superlatives listed here on the blog. Here are our top 10.

Student Superlatives

  • Most fun at recess
  • Best storyteller
  • Neatest cubby
  • Best line leader
  • Best school citizen

Teacher Superlatives

  • Most likely to be mistaken for a student
  • Most likely to know the score of last night’s game
  • Most likely to bring a pet to school
  • Most likely to break out in song and/or dance
  • Most likely to be accidentally called mom or dad

5. How Do You Cover Spring Events?

By allowing yearbook leadership to set their own deadlines, Treering helps you decide how much of the year to cover and when you’ll receive your books.

“Years ago, I was with another publisher. Our book was due February 15, which meant no spring sports, no ASB convention, no spring musical, and no prom. Students were used to it; it was like their year-end efforts never happened. We tried adding them to the next year’s book, which brought some excitement. Then we did a stick-in insert. It always looked like a third of the book was falling out and parents complained. Switching to Treering gave us more time to cover more of our year.”

Erika Lin P., Marketing Manager

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