Artificial Intelligence (AI): Assuring Safe Memories

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) inspires nearly all facets of daily life, today’s news focuses heavily on buzzy AI tech like the ubiquitous ChatGPT. From improving the travel, automotive, and healthcare industries to monitoring coral reefs, the benefits of AI seem limitless. (You can even ask for curated movie recommendations!) The yearbook world, of course, is no exception. 

Treering’s in-house engineers constantly strive for ways to improve and innovate the yearbook experience for everyone involved, and our AI-driven content review process is doing just that. Here are some ways employing this exclusive technology has helped protect cherished memories for the past several years and counting:

Streamlining the Review Process

One yearbook challenge editors are all-too-familiar with is ensuring that inappropriate content doesn’t make its way onto pages (or worse, the news). 

To solve this, Treering implements our automated AI review pipeline before going to print. This process efficiently moderates a book’s content across a network of computers that wield industry-leading and constantly evolving computer vision.

Free Time for Editors

Treering’s AI can swiftly and accurately analyze vast volumes of data (1,430,921 pages year to date, in fact!), flagging them as necessary for review and follow-up. This process allows teams to focus more time and attention on tasks that can’t be automated, like matching students with a stellar list of yearbook superlatives.

Offering the Best of Both Worlds

Of course, the human component remains a vital part of the yearbook review. (Treering loves a good collaboration!) In addition to utilizing AI, we employ staff dedicated to this process.

When teams combine Treering’s content review procedure with other proofing tools, such as our free printed proof, schools can relax, knowing they’ll immortalize the best possible yearbook version.

The applications of artificial intelligence are plenty, and Treering is proud to pioneer its use to proactively benefit schools by making it easier and safer for students and families to capture life’s memories.

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