Back Up Your Best Yearbook Quotes With Superb Design


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Yearbook quotes and cool typography can really elevate the content and design of your yearbook. After all, there’s nothing more authentic than the words and quotes of people who inhabit your campus from day to day. You might think the hardest part of building a yearbook quotes feature is getting the right “gems” from your student body during interviews. But in our experience, designing your yearbook quotes feature might be the most challenging part—your students and faculty might surprise you with how many great quotes and snippets they offer up! But how do you use them to the best effect?

Just adding a bunch of quotes on one page is kind of boring. Plus, it doesn’t do justice to all the hard work and collaboration that went into creating the feature. You can always use different fonts and text sizes to emphasize certain quotes more than others, but even that seems pretty tame and uninspiring. So what’s the best way to make your yearbook quotes shine (or shout)? Don’t worry; I’ve got a ton of expert tips to help you out. And below, I’ll share my top three ideas for building a fantastic yearbook quotes feature!

Handwritten Designs

Handwritten fonts tend to shine in a crowded content space. And they can work really well on the pages of your yearbook! If you have some students with great handwriting on your committee, then utilize their skills by offering different styles and types of pens to create unique textures and quote choices for the pages of your book. Calligraphy pens, giant permanent markers, and even the jumbo-sized crayons can create fun designs that intermix your quotes perfectly with each other. You can also take inspiration from various typography styles online. Then all you need to do is scan in your quotes and fonts and build out your inspiration on the pages of your yearbook design!

Inspirational Backgrounds

If you’re interspersing the original quotes throughout the pages of your book—instead of featuring them all on one or two pages—consider using unique backgrounds that tie into the quote. This tactic will give the snippets a more inspirational look and feel, and it will help the quotes fit better within each section of your yearbook. You can even use some of the photos that you were already planning to feature as the background for your quotes. Students will love how you were able to weave their words throughout the pages and photos for everyone to see.

High Stylization

When you’re using some of the best quotes as intro pages for different sections of your book, go with a more highly stylized piece of content. You can likely work with some of the students or teachers in your art department to create something that is perfect for the pages of your yearbook. This is an easy way to feature special yearbook quotes, and in a way that plays into your yearbook theme. From vintage chic to super modern, there’s a way to design every quote for maximum impact on the pages of your yearbook spread.

Maximize Your Yearbook Quotes

Using custom designs for your yearbook quotes feature will make it truly special. It will also help each quote stand out and create a unique presentation across the pages of your spread—for a yearbook that inspires quotes of “ooh” and “aaah” from every student who reads it!

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