Better Yearbook Headlines: From Collaboration to Design, Make Yours Stand Out


Great headlines can make or break your book. Your yearbook headlines set the tone for the content that appears on any given page, and should make a statement.  Plus, your students are more likely to only read your headlines and photo captions, while skimming the rest of the content, instead of fastidiously devouring everything on a page. This means awesome page titles can be yearbook gold! To help you take your own page starters to the next level, I’ve listed my best tips below. And with these ideas walking with you from conceptualization to design, you’re sure to have put your best foot forward with this year’s spread!

Know Your Audience

Writing great headlines starts with knowing your audience. The more you can speak to the specific individuals who will be reading your book, the more intriguing you can make it for them! For yearbook headlines, using funny or surprising components will almost always be your best bet. You want to leave the students and staff intrigued enough to keep reading through your content. Here are a few of my own favorites that you can try adding your own variation to:

  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Yes, the Frozen reference might be a little much for older grades, but is there really a more perfect yearbook headline for a winter feature in a preschool or grade school yearbook?
  • Who Else Wants French Fries? It sounds a little silly out of context, but this could really be an engaging headline for your school lunch feature!
  • How to Survive Freshman Year: What Not To Do. The headline, on its own, lets you know that there’s going to be a lot of silly photos within this section of content. And that’s exactly what draws the reader in!

Set Aside Ideation Time

Crafting great headlines goes beyond a fifteen-minute brainstorming session. You need to give your team the time to come up with awesome concepts and ideas, then take even more time to rework those ideas into yearbook headlines that are completely fantastic. If it sounds like this kind of ideation can take up hours of your time, you’re right. You should spend as much time working on headlines as you do on the actual page content. So find the right exercises to inspire your team, then get them together to start coming up with creative ideas. While you might find the process a little tedious, putting in the work up front will help you to create headlines that your whole team can be proud of!

Go Design Heavy

To make your headlines really stand out, strive for awesome design. This means everything from incorporating unique typography and adding fun colors to building creative design elements into your page titles so that they really stand out. The great thing about headline design is that it can change as you progress through the pages of your yearbook spread. On some pages it can be very resonant of your theme, others can be more specific to the content you’re describing. From a funky tribune style header to a two page designed spread that starts a new section, the design you choose for your attention-grabbing headlines can definitely create a bigger impact for your yearbook as a whole.

Unique Yearbook Headlines

Creating the best yearbook headlines is a bit of an art – but it’s one that you can easily learn! And when you find that someone on your team just has a knack for coming up with great titles for the pages and sections of your book, use them as a resource. They’ll be great at working with your team to brainstorm fun, collaborative concepts that you can meld into something perfect. And don’t forget to come back and share some of those awesome yearbook headlines in the comments. We can’t wait to hear how your team gets creative this week!