Better Yearbook Photos: Capture the School Spirit Created at Pep Rallies

pep rally

As you’re thinking up new and exciting ways to share what goes on around your school throughout the year, one of the first things I always recommend is to figure out how to get the best displays of school spirit. After all, showing enthusiasm for the school is good for building student morale. And typically, big displays of school pride are associated with even bigger events – which means there’s a huge opportunity for great yearbook photos! As you’re coming up with a list of events that are sure to be loaded with students clad in school gear, don’t only focus on the post-school activities: remember, pep rallies usually take place in the middle of a school day – and they’re superb fodder for the yearbook!

Pep rallies are a great place to take awesome yearbook photos that feature students supporting the school – in their best school finery!
Photo Credit: Flickr User Ben+Sam

Yearbook Sections by Grade

One great way you can use pep rally photos is as a separator between class sections in the yearbook. Because pep rallies tend to naturally separate out students by grade, it’s easy to figure out what section belongs where in your publication. One of my favorite memories from high school was competing with the other classes in our school for loudest cheers and chants during our big pep rallies – and nabbing memories like these for your spread can be a great way to help everyone preserve those fun memories for the rest of time!

All Student Photos

For most events that involve a lot of school spirit – specifically, events that take place after school hours – you never know who will attend. There could be parents, younger siblings and even random people from the community coming to support different programs at your school. Pep rallies are one of the only places where you’ll not only find students clad in gear that represents their support of the school, but be able to grab photos of just the students who attend your school. This makes pep rallies the perfect spot to grab some of the best student photos for your yearbook spread.

Go Beyond Yearbook Photos with Online Videos

Sit down and think about your pep rallies of years past. I can almost guarantee there’s one thing you remember: they’re LOUD. They can be rowdy. Most of all, they’re a lot of fun. And sometimes that fun actually goes beyond what you can capture in a few yearbook photos – which means you can use a pep rally video online to create more buzz and excitement for the yearbook! Simply compile some quick clips from the pep rally and post it on your social media sites. Caption it with how exciting the pep rally was – and ask students to comment on why they love pep rallies on your campus. The more you can create engaging content like this to display this kind of spirit and excitement to connect with students, the more they’ll see that you’re building the same kind of energy into the yearbook. And that can definitely propel your yearbook sales this year.

Even though most kids don’t like to admit it, they are pretty enthusiastic when it comes to supporting their school. Pep rallies are one of my favorite places to capture that love for your campus in an environment that brings together exactly who you want to feature in your publication: the students! So get out there and start snapping the shots that will ultimately be some of the most coveted in your yearbook – not only will you take some great yearbook photos, you’ll have a ton of fun at the same time!

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