Build Positivity into Your Yearbook Committee: A Unique Exercise to Try


Part of the fun that comes with helping to create a great publication is bonding with the rest of your committee. In my experience, this is the thing that really draws new members to your team: the opportunity to join a fabulous circle of friends. But in order to guide your members towards working as a team, and really spread the word that your yearbook committee is a great group to join, you need some exercises that get each of your committee members on the same page. This means you need to find a way to help them bond as a group, thus creating a positive, enjoyable working environment for all. Positivity exercises are something that I love using for this type of task. They’re uplifting, and build up each of the individuals you work with, which helps them to recognize their strengths. And to help you get started, today I’m going to walk you through one of my favorite exercises that does just that!

Start the Positivity Flow

After you’ve been working with your yearbook committee for a few weeks this fall (so they’ve already gotten to know each member a bit), devote some time during a meeting for a team-building exercise. Tell them that you want to talk about each individual’s wonderful contributions to your committee. To start, have each person come one at a time, and sit in front of your whiteboard at the front of the room. Then have every other person on your committee write positive things about that person on the whiteboard around them! They can write great characteristics about the person, unique skills that they use to bring something special to your team, or even just little notes about their general attitude. The point is to focus on what each individual offers that’s great!

Use the Exercise for Success

To make this kind of positivity exercise really stick, take a picture of each yearbook committee member smiling, surrounded by the positive notes that the rest of your team just shared with them. Create a bulletin board in your room to post the photos, and give each individual a copy to keep. It’s a great exercise to build up trust and excitement among your team. And it’s something that you, and everyone else on your committee, can look back to for inspiration when they’re facing a tough day in the yerd world.

Drive Your Message Home

The first goal of setting up a positive environment is to enhance your committee’s work productivity and camaraderie, but it’s also a tool you can use to recruit more members to your team! Make sure you’re sharing the fun photos you take during this exercise on social media and on your TreeRing community pages. Although the members of your team will naturally talk about how much they enjoy being part of the yearbook committee, this is an extra way to get the message out to a wider audience of students and parents. And that’s one more step in the right direction to attracting the best new members to your team!

Build Trust in Your Yearbook Committee

Part of your role as the advisor to the yearbook committee is to help create a sense of team and trust among the rest of your crew. Exercises like this one are a simple way to spread some positivity, which translates to a more productive and energized team. Not to mention that the more your team thinks about all the things they love about their fellow committee members, the more they’ll enjoy the experience of working with you all! So put this particular exercise to work, and then seek out a few more that will help your yearbook committee bond. With a little help from their fearless leader (you!), each of the individuals you’ve recruited will be working together like a well-oiled machine in no time!