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Yearbooks with an Impact: Buy a Book, Plant a Tree

Students embracing the environment… literally.

Every April 22nd is Earth Day, and people all around the world voice the importance of environmental awareness and protection. Why not take these values and apply them to your everyday life by doing something great for your school and beneficial for Mother Nature? Since we already know that TreeRing is dedicated to making cool, creative, customizable yearbooks, let’s explore the other way they’re making an impact – by saving the environment!

TreeRing is not only devoted to making yearbooks that are customizable, but also sustainable, printing all of their yearbooks on recycled paper. Additionally, since all yearbooks are printed to order, your school only gets as many as they need. This means less paper waste than buying in bulk because there are no leftover, unused yearbooks. When we reduce unused paper products, we save trees and reduce our environmental impact.

TreeRing badge given to schools that help to plant trees by purchasing yearbooks.

But TreeRing goes beyond sustainable materials. Through their work with Trees for the Future, TreeRing has made a promise to plant a tree for every single yearbook that is sold. The trees are planted primarily in rural communities in equatorial countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, providing the communities with a chance to rebuild their environments and increase food production.

TreeRing has planted over 3 Million trees with Trees for the Future, and each tree is planted in the name of a school, which is a great way for schools to leave a lasting legacy for hundreds of years to come. Each school that purchases yearbooks through TreeRing will also be provided with a badge to put on their school website, signifying that trees have been planted in their name and honoring their environmental contribution!

Image cred: Trees For The Future

There are numerous benefits to going green and planting trees:

  • Trees provide oxygen. What more reason do we need than that? But in addition to providing oxygen, trees clean the air by absorbing pollutants and harmful particulates like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.
  • Trees give more than they receive. Newly planted trees only need approximately fifteen gallons of water a week and as they transpire, they increase atmospheric moisture.
  • Trees are cool. No, literally… they cool cities by up to 10 degrees by shading homes and streets and releasing water vapor. The evaporation from just one tree produces the same cooling effect as ten air conditioners.
  • Trees provide food. An apple tree can produce 15-20 bushels every year, providing food for ourselves and our wildlife friends. Just don’t pick without asking! Additionally, when trees produce food that can be harvested and sold, they increase small business profits and employment opportunities.
  • And of course, it’s just nice to have trees around! They smell nice – cherry tree can perfume the air through the power of nearly 200,000 flowers – and they look nice. But this goes beyond aesthetics: Studies have shown children with ADHD show fewer symptoms while in nature. And there’s no denying they’re fun; climbing, swinging, housing… we’re ready to go climb a tree just thinking about it!

Right now, the future of our planet is questionable, but planting trees and contributing positively to the environment and its people is a step in the right direction. And that’s the direction TreeRing is going: The proof is in the name! TreeRing was inspired by concentric tree rings that signify growth, and it’s important to consistently look for new and unique ways to make a positive impact for schools, and for the planet at large. By purchasing a yearbook through TreeRing, you’ll forever hold a piece of your past, and if that can help plant a tree, these yearbooks will also be an investment in the future.