Capture Lunchtime Laughs To Liven Up Your Yearbook Pages


When you want to fill your yearbook pages with the realities of life on campus, don’t forget to feature the lunchroom—nothing is more “real” than cafeteria moments! Lunchtime is something all schools have in common, and the cafeteria is a place where all students congregate at some point in their day. Lunchtime is also when students are the freest, to chat with friends, play games, and refuel for afternoon classes. So it’s a great opportunity for your yearbook team to capture unique photos and content to display throughout the rest of your book. Ready to get started? Below, I’ll give you my best tips for creating a lunchroom feature that bears fruit!

The Lunch Line

The lunch line is an often overlooked aspect of cafeteria life, but it’s actually at the core of the overall lunchroom experience! While standing in line, kids make (occasionally) difficult decisions about what to eat—a situation that has become a familiar comedy trope on TV sitcoms. From the food, to the conversations with friends and lunchroom staff, to the general air of goofiness that takes center stage during this waiting period, it’s a treasure trove of material for your yearbook. You could even set up some fun polls for the students to partake in while they wait. For example, a poll on their food choices—how often do they bring a bagged lunch? What are the best hot lunch options? What cafeteria foods do they avoid? Just don’t forget to check the lunch calendar before you head into the lunch line; pizza days are bound to have longer lines (and offer up more photos) than meatloaf days!

Getting Goofy

Lunch is a time of day when students can blow off steam before heading back to the classroom, and they definitely take advantage of it. The result is fun, comical moments that are perfect to capture for your yearbook photos or a lunchroom feature! You don’t want to incite a food fight, but you should encourage students to show off their personalities so you can catch candid, in-the-moment shots. Ask students to make their silliest faces while you’re walking around nabbing photos. Don’t forget to bring some fun props—like giant cardboard forks or extra milk for milk mustaches—when you’re planning out this super fun feature!

Making Trades

Personally, one of my fondest lunchtime memories from elementary school was trading the stuff I didn’t like in my brown bag lunch for a better food item—like a snack pack pudding cup! And since that’s such a common practice among students of all ages, it’s a great lunchtime photo op concept for your yearbook pages! Spoof a “caught in the act” scene, where students pretend they’re getting into trouble for trading their food at lunch. Or highlight what the best trades of the day were! No matter how you spin it, this is a lunchtime feature add-on that is sure to give everyone a laugh.

Adding Comical Reality to Your Yearbook Pages

When you want to encapsulate the funniest aspects of student life, the lunchroom is a great place to start. As the least-structured period of the school day, lunchtime will provide you with great candids and ideas for your yearbook pages. It will also let you have a little fun with the students while you develop fantastic content for your yearbook. Once you’ve found some awesome ways to integrate lunchtime into a theme or feature, head on outside for recess and let the fun and inspiration continue!