Class Reunion Yearbooks: Share & Relive Cherished Memories

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I realized the other day that there’s only two years left until my fifteen year class reunion. Was high school really that long ago? It certainly doesn’t feel like it – but looking back on my pictures from our senior year has me realizing just how much time has passed since the days we walked the halls of our old campus. And that got me to thinking about one of the newer trends in the world of yearbooks: class reunion publications. Building out a fun spread is super easy when you use an online platform like Treering – and it could feature fun memories from not just the high school years, but also what everyone’s been up to post-high school. Feeling intrigued? Let me go into a little more detail.

Consider building out a class reunion yearbook to celebrate what everyone’s accomplished since their high school days – everyone is sure to love it!
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Blast From the Past

A class reunion yearbook is a great way to feature some of your favorite photos from your high school years. Everyone has their favorites – and a lot of them likely didn’t grace the pages of your yearbook back in the day. Now that everyone’s moved beyond their formative years, they’ll be more likely to share these with the rest of your old student body – and they’d be super fun to look back on at your big event!

Keeping Up With the Current

Ten to fifteen years post high school – or in some cases, even longer – everyone’s gone on to live their life and do all sorts of things as adults. Offering everyone the opportunity to share a few updates in a class reunion yearbook can show you what your old classmates have been up to. And at every high school, there are always a few people who went on to do some really amazing things after they graduated. This is your chance to let them shine a little by featuring some of the biggest accomplishments that came from your class on the pages of your publication.

Class Reunion Shots

If you’re planning to sell the yearbook at your event, then make sure you ultimately include photos from your big class reunion in the spread, too! It can be fun to bring in a professional photographer to your event to grab some really great pictures at the party – both for the pages of your reunion yearbook and for individuals to buy for their own collection. This can really make your reunion one for the record books!

Making Memories

Remember back in the day, when everyone talked about making memories throughout their high school career? As grownups, we all learn that our entire lives are full of memory making moments – and your class reunion is definitely one of them. This event is an extension of your high school experience and built on the memories of your youth – but the memories don’t have to stop the day you graduated! Many students remain life-long friends with their high school buddies, and there are definitely some awesome pictures from your post-high school life that will put a smile on everyone’s face if they’re shared on the pages of a reunion yearbook.

The best part? A class reunion yearbook doesn’t have to be a huge endeavor. It’s a much shorter version of your high school book that’s really intended to help everyone catch up and relive some of the old memories from back in the day. Which means it’s not a big pain to put together – especially when you use Treering’s super easy-to-use templates. We’re sure that you’ll love making the book just as much as everyone else will love flipping through it!

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