Clearing the Air: The Fun of an Anonymous Confessions Page in Your Yearbook

TreeRing- Annonymous Confessions

Feel like spicing up this year’s yearbook with some anonymous untold gossip? Create an anonymous confessions page which features all of the secret goings-on of the past school year. An entertaining “Untold Secrets” or “Anonymous Gossip” yearbook page is one that every student will enjoy!

Everyone has a secret that they want people to know, but they don’t want to tell. Whether it is a secret crush or an embarrassing moment, this page is a fun way to get the students talking about their yearbooks, as people try to figure out who left food in the back of the class all year or who accidentally let out the class snake.

Of course, you’ll want to check these before publication. You certainly don’t want anything that is ugly or irrelevant or damaging, but for the most part, this will be a fun exercise in the sort of harmless gossip that floats free-form through the hallways.

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