Treering's Collaboration Tools for Your Yearbook

students collaborate int he yearbook clasroom using treering's collaboration tools: shared folders

POV is more than a social media trend, it’s the call to reflect the diverse perspectives and students in our halls. So, how do you capture every student in the yearbook? Here’s how we help you take control of crowdsourcing and collaboration with built-in collaboration tools.

Collaborate Using Shared Folders

After you decide what content you need, we help you organize the year with shared folders. There’s no limit to how many you make.

We Love This Because You Can…

  1. Create one folder per classroom teacher
  2. Share email links to sports team folders for coaches and boosters
  3. Use #photodropFriday social posts to direct submissions to an event folder

Pull photos from Social Media

After taking a pic of our loved ones, our first instinct is to post and share it on our social channels, not with the yearbook coordinator. Treering Yearbooks’ Facebook and Instragram integrations make it easy for your yearbook to get social.

We Love This Because You Can…

  • Add your chaperone snaps to a shared field trip folder
  • Build custom pages using your feed

Multiple Permissions Allows for Collaboration

Collaboration tools are a major component of our yearbook software on the design side as well. Yearbook coordinators and advisers decide the size and access permissions for their teams on an individual basis (we know there’s no one-size-fits-all here).

We Love This Because You Can…

  • Limit folder permissions for student yearbook team
  • Assign a page or two to parent volunteers
  • Leave notes on spread and lock completed pages
  • Partner with the school photographer for the portrait spreads

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