Create a Professional Yearbook Yourself With Treering!

Treering allows you to produce a top-quality yearbook, even without a committee.
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A yearbook committee and staff can make the process of planning, creating, designing, and publishing your yearbook run like a finely tuned machine. Unfortunately, not every school is lucky enough to have a full yearbook committee. Many times, the yearbook adviser takes on the roles of the entire committee with very little help, and sometimes they’re even on their own. And in many circumstances, running the yearbook is not the adviser’s only job at the school, but a voluntary undertaking on the side, meaning time is of the essence. When all the responsibilities of the yearbook fall on you, it can feel overwhelming and even disheartening at times. You may even be wondering if it’s possible to create a yearbook without a committee to help.

But don’t let a lack of support discourage you from taking on the rewarding job of creating a yearbook for your school. Not only do all kids deserve a look back at their school years, but yearbooks provide multiple benefits to the schools themselves. Here are some ways to make juggling the tasks of creating a yearbook a little easier while still maintaining a professional design and high quality.


You might have a lot of ideas and grand plans swirling around in your head. But when you’re short on help, the most important thing is just to get it done. Keeping it simple has shown to lead to better productivity results, as well. Some ways to do this are:

  • Create a calendar of realistic deadlines and stick to it.
  • Pick a theme early in the school year and don’t change it – even if you find one that you like better later on.
  • Pick streamlined, minimalist designs and layouts.
  • Allow for extra time to resolve unforeseen issues without rushing.
  • Remind yourself that a simple yearbook is better than no yearbook at all.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to reach out for help to get the job done.
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If you find yourself falling behind and missing deadlines, there’s never any harm in asking for a temporary helping hand. Short-term support can usually be found without having to look far. When you fall behind or know you won’t be able to do it all yourself you can:

  • Ask parents to volunteer a small amount of time.
  • Request that parents and teachers take their own photos during classroom moments and special events that they can send to you.
  • Seek design ideas and assistance from the art teacher.
  • See if middle school or high school students in art or graphic arts programs would be able to exchange their time for class credit.


Even as recently as a few years ago, being the sole member of the yearbook committee meant ten times the amount of work than it does today. The good news is that you do have a much bigger yearbook committee at your disposal than you even realize. When you use Treering to create your yearbook, you have a planner, a designer, a layout, and a publishing coordinator right at your fingertips, and at no extra charge. The quality of art and design doesn’t suffer, either. Treering offers you:

  • Hundreds of designs
  • Drag-and drop-templates
  • Professionally-designed backgrounds
  • Ease of use

Thanks to Treering’s customizable, drag-and-drop templates and variety of high quality designs from which to choose, you don’t have to ask yourself if taking on the yearbook yourself is too much work anymore. When you use Treering, you save yourself time and stress, all while producing professional and creative yearbooks.

See for yourself just how much help you can get for your yearbook by using Treering.

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