Yearbook Art Pages: How to Showcase Student Creativity

Do you feel like you may have too many pages dedicated to student sporting events, academic clubs and not enough dedicated to the arts this year? Then it’s the perfect time to create a page or a few pages dedicated solely to the fine arts.

There are the traditional fine arts, like band and dance, which you should cover, but don’t neglect the more untraditional ones. Students in their art classes make incredible, innovative, and challenging works that often go unrecognized. Talk to art teachers to find out who is creating incredible pieces. Talk to students to see who has the coolest band, and showcase that. Any poets? Feature the best of your student’s creative writing. You may even want to dedicate a page to just that. Be as creative as the students whose work you’re showcasing.

Collaborate with your school art department to get a selection of the best artworks from throughout the school year, and delegate a Yearbook staff member with the task of curating this page. If you feel up to it, you can even feature interviews with certain students talking about their work, which will show how you went the extra mile to make this page memorable, and to make sure your art students were given the space they deserve in your Yearbook.

When you’re ready to start compiling your fine arts page, be sure to request a free trial of our software and see how using Treering can transform and simplify the process of creating your Current Events Timeline page in your yearbook!

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