Avoid the Ordinary: Creative Ways Your Yearbook Can Have the Best School Dance Photos

As you’re thinking through all of the events you want to feature in the yearbook, student dances definitely top the list. Some of my own favorite high school memories came from having a blast at our school dances. While there’s certainly a traditional way to go about photographing these types of parties, they really have been done a thousand times over. And if you’re looking to create a unique yearbook, that just won’t do!  So how can you infuse your dance photos with energy and excitement, without plastering the age-old poses across your yearbook spread? Lucky for you, I’m giving you my own top three ways that are sure to get everyone so excited, they flip straight to the homecoming dance after getting their yearbook at the end of the year!

Dances have changed- shouldn’t the way you photograph them? Image from Flickr CC User Cape High

Photo Booths

The rise of this popular photo technology is undeniable – and it’s pretty cool, too. I’ve actually rented a photo booth for our annual family holiday party for the last five years and it’s always a huge hit! Photo booths are an awesome way to capture memories at events, including student dances. And while students are printing out their photo strips, the machine will save a copy of every picture taken, which you’ll have access to after the dance. This means you can use some of the best shots to commemorate the event in the yearbook! With that being said, you’ll probably want to post a notice on the front of the booth (or have the attendant let everyone know) that the photos are all viewable by the administration after the dance– just to keep things clean. It is a high school dance, after all.

Awesome Props

Obviously, you’ll need some shots of people actually having fun at the dance. But instead of just nabbing photos here and there around the dance floor, why not bring some fun props – like giant glasses, mustaches and a mini chalkboard for students to write messages about the dance – in their pictures? This is another trend that was made popular by the expansion of wedding photography in the last few years- and  it’s a great way to capture some really FUN pictures for the pages of the yearbook. Since you can easily grab these kinds of accessories in the dollar section of your local big box store, you won’t have to spend a lot to create a ton of awesome pictures!

Red Carpet Entrance

When you really want to create a photography experience for the students at your school, help them create an entrance: with a red carpet walk, complete with yearbook paparazzi, just like a big celebrity event! Most local home improvement stores have plastic red ‘carpet’ that you can secure to the sidewalk entering the dance. Then all you have to do is provide lots of photographers to capture everyone’s entrance, which will make for great yearbook photos. You could also consider making the photos available for purchase after the event as a way to raise money for more fun photo shoots at future school events.

Getting Creative

Getting great pictures from your big school dance that defy the traditional isn’t as hard as it might seem. All it takes is a little creative thinking – and some planning leading up to the event. The students will have a blast, the pictures will be phenomenal and you’ll likely get inundated with great ideas for next year from students who are totally intrigued by all the fun they had. Capturing your next school dance just got a lot more exciting!