Custom Yearbook Design: Every Page is Their Favorite Page

The school yearbook is something that students look forward to all year long. After all, nothing quite captures your year like that big display of school photos and memories from major events! But what about all the memories that weren’t really school events—they just happened to be important to a few students? Obviously, not every picture can end up in the yearbook. That just wouldn’t be realistic. But it’s important to try and capture as many students as possible within the pages of your publication.

This is what’s great about Treering Yearbooks—they allow students to customize some of the pages with their own photos and memories from the school year. It’s the best of both worlds—students get access to the usual features encapsulated in the yearbook spread, but they also get to incorporate parts of their own high school experience into the pages. And guess what? It’s super easy to do this, I promise! If you’re ready to learn more, I’ve outlined exactly how a custom yearbook can help you make this year’s publication the best one ever—and for every single student!

Choosing Custom Pages

With this option, students and parents can easily add their own photos, text and bling to a few pages of the yearbook design. The process is easy. It really only takes about five minutes to create a page. That means a special yearbook spread can be created right between soccer practice and dinner time. Putting these custom pages together won’t create extra work for you or your yearbook team, but you’ll get oodles of credit for bringing your yearbook up a notch this year!

Yearbook Design Exclusive to the Student

Your next question might be, what about the shy students who don’t want to share their pictures and memories with the whole school? How can I incorporate their memories? You need not worry. Custom pages will only end up within the one yearbook they’re created for, so students can add all of their silliest or most personal moments, knowing they won’t be shared with everyone. That means every student gets a piece of their personal school year right in the middle of their own yearbook design!

It Must Cost More, Right?

Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to cost more to offer custom pages within your yearbook spread. Every student gets two free pages to take advantage of. And if they want to add more, it’s just a small fee per extra page. Treering yearbooks are already very affordable, so everyone at the school should be able to add their own special yearbook memories without spending an arm and a leg. Personally, I think that’s pretty cool—and something your school is definitely going to love.

Let’s Get Started

So all of this talk about custom yearbook pages has probably gotten you excited to start building out a project with Treering, am I right? Since it’s super easy to get started, you’ll just need to start building out your template and then spread the word about customized pages, so students can access your template through the Treering website. Join the Treering community today to get started building out the best yearbook in your school’s history!

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