Treering's Custom Yearbooks

Mom looking at the custom yearbook pages she made for her daughter

Make every student the STAR of their own yearbook.

Everyone has thousands of photos at their fingertips. With Treering Yearbooks, you create a custom yearbook that your entire school will remember by giving each student personalized pages filled with their own memories—like family vacations or hobbies that take place outside of school—in their individual copy of the yearbook. Now when each student opens their yearbook, they will find their memories and their photos making the yearbook personal to each student in your community, at no cost to the school.

1. Add Photos From Anywhere

Your school community can make their yearbooks custom by adding photos to their personalized pages from your desktop or mobile device or by linking directly to Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Google Photos, or Dropbox.

2. Auto-Create Your Pages

Treering inspires students to tell the story of their year by choosing from memory prompts, like favorite songs and where they traveled, so they can remember the best parts of their year in and out of school. Just drag-and-drop these memories on their personalized pages.

After you’ve selected your memories and photos, Treering will automatically populate them to your personal copy of the yearbook. You can stop there and they will look great, or you can choose to edit further. The choice is yours.

And if the two FREE pages you get with your Treering yearbook aren’t enough, add as many as you need.

Custom page example with summer vacation photos
Put your child’s summer vacation photos in their copy of their yearbook.

3. Remember Forever

Now when each student opens their yearbook, they will find their memories and their photos in their individual copy of the book, making the yearbook custom to each student in your school community.

Need ideas? Check out the winning designs from our parent design contest!

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