Easing the Junior High Transition With Your Elementary School Yearbook


As they approach the last quarter of the school year, kids making the transition to middle school or junior high next year can become filled with questions, such as: what will it be like? For some, this can cause a lot of anxiety, especially as their last year in elementary school comes to a close. But there’s one way that you can help ease that transition while also building up some fun and unique content for your elementary school yearbook—by adding a section that features advice from kids who are in the seventh or eighth grade, centering around what they loved about their first year in middle school! Making the transition a little more exciting and showing that it’s a fun new step can help alleviate some students’ fears about moving to a bigger school. And to help you do this best, I’ve outlined some awesome ways to explore this option below!

My Favorite Things About Middle School

While moving to a big new school can be a little scary, focusing on all the awesome things that can come along with this transition can help your students focus on the good instead of dreading the bad. And that can eliminate a lot of anxiety over the move between schools! So choose a few middle school or junior high students who are willing to talk about their first year in the new school. Ask them to list their three favorite things about middle school—anything from the classes that they’re taking, to how they navigate the campus, to the extracurricular activities they get to participate in. Most importantly, focus on the fun side of what younger students can expect, so they can feel eager and excited about what’s in store for them next year!

Discuss the Transition

For the students that are having a harder time with the anticipation and uncertainties, offer a few words of wisdom from the kids who have recently been there. As you’re conducting these mini interviews, ask how their own transition to the new school went. The biggest things to focus on here are the major changes your students will go through as they make the leap to fully-fledged middle school students. This includes topics like navigating a bigger school, changing classrooms several times a day, preparing for altered or reduced recess time, and figuring out how the lockers work. The more you can explain, the more beneficial your piece will be for the students reading your elementary school yearbook.

An Elementary School Yearbook Farewell

As your students are flipping through the pages of your book, they might feel a little sad to be leaving the memories they created behind. You can help to turn this around by featuring a fun little farewell page that includes notes of encouragement from parents, teachers, and some of the older students you interviewed for your middle school feature! These quotes should incorporate funny words of wisdom—like how to open a stuck locker—or just offer inspirational motivation for their new adventure at a bigger school. Just like your alumni feature, this should focus on all the positive things they’ll get to experience in the coming year. Your students will absolutely love getting little snippets of advice to calm their fears. And you’ll love how this feature takes your elementary school yearbook from good to totally inspirational this year!

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