Easy Yearbook Sales Tricks: Don't Forget Parent-Teacher Conferences

To sell more yearbooks, you need to do more than just show off your content to the students at your school–you need to find ways to connect with their parents. After all, they’re probably the ones that will actually make the purchase! While informing students that the deadline for yearbook sales is quickly approaching can help, these details don’t always get passed along to the yearbook purchaser. And that can translate to a decrease in the number of people who order a copy of your book. Since you put tons of work into your design and content, you definitely want to maximize all of the avenues available to sell your publication. One of the easiest ways to do that is through parent-teacher conferences! Below, I’ll tell you exactly how to connect with parents at conferences to boost yearbook sales.

Start with Teachers

Your first line of promotion starts within the classrooms. Teachers have a direct line to the parents. A perfect time for them to mention the great benefits of the yearbook is when they’re sitting down to talk about a student’s progress. Before conferences start, chat with teachers about why the yearbook benefits the school–it can help raise money for campus programs while also encouraging a stronger sense of community. If they’re willing to promote your book during conferences, give them a few talking points beyond these benefits to use with parents, such as:

  • Kids love to check out the photos and share memories with friends at the end of the school year.
  • It’s a great way for parents to save memories and learn about all the activities that took place  in the classroom this year.
  • Parents can create personalized pages for their child at no additional cost–and that can make this yearbook really special!

If your teachers respond that their conferences are too hectic to be able to discuss the yearbook, ask if they will instead hand out the informational yearbook flyers (which I describe below). Either way, when you give the teachers the right tools, they can successfully support your goal of increasing yearbook sales.

Get a Table

Use parent-teacher conferences similarly to how a business would use a trade show: set up a table at the entrance to the school offering information and helping parents sign up. Keep the table staffed with two or three of your committee members. As parents walk through the door, reach out to them–ask if they’ve heard about how great the yearbook is going to be this year, and whether they’ve ordered a copy for their child. Focus on all of the great benefits to the yearbook, including how you’ve worked to make it extra affordable by using TreeRing. Let them know that when they purchase a yearbook for their child, a tree is planted in their honor. The more excitement you can build around your book as a whole, the more interested parents will be. Sometimes all it takes is a moment to capture their attention–that can really help to stimulate your yearbook sales!

Bolster Yearbook Sales with Supplemental Information

No matter how excited you are for the great content that’s being created for your yearbook, some parents just aren’t going to commit to making an in-the-moment purchase. This means you need to have a secondary line of outreach, in the form of take-home material. You don’t need to create something super fancy–a simple flyer will do. Make sure you use bright colors so that your flyer stands out, and include all of the reasons I listed above to remind them why a yearbook is so important to their student’s school experience. Provide a link to your online yearbook, and include details about how parents can order a copy for their child. The easier you make it for them to place their order from home, the more yearbook sales will come rolling in after your promotion at conferences!