Let the Risers Fall: Fun and Creative Ways to Stage Your Elementary School Yearbook Photos

creative class photos

When it comes to elementary school yearbooks, creativity is a key to both getting kids excited about where their pictures will be and selling more books to support your school. Going beyond the traditional school gym risers for your class shoot is one way you can start bringing more engaging content to your book and start hyping up how great it will be in advance. Plus, unique class photos can help your school to stand out – and when parents see how much fun their kids are having while they’re learning, they’ll have a much more positive association with your school. So if you’re looking to create a fun way for kids to bring more of their personality to their yearbook class photo, here are the top four ways you can get started!

Having each student create their own “when I grow up” sign can make for a fun, unique class photo!
Photo Credit: Flickr user woodleywonderworks

Find a Unique Location

The school gym has been done over and over again for years. When you’re looking to create a photo shoot that really brings out the great things about your school, move your shoots around the campus. Some classes could take their photos out on the playground, some sitting at tables in the cafeteria, and others in the library. Elementary school yearbooks are something that people look back upon even into their adult years to remind themselves – and show their kids – what their own time as a child was like. Make sure you’re capturing their whole experience by showcasing the entire school!

Bring Some Wacky Props

When you think about the best pictures that are making your own social media feed, you might immediately think of those wacky wedding photo booths. You know the ones we’re talking about – where everyone’s wearing the giant accessories in bright colors. Use that as your inspiration to take your class photo shoot up a notch. While you can certainly do a standard smiling photo for parents looking to get that traditional class picture, take a few extras that include the fun props that kids love. They’ll have a blast adding unique accessories to the photo – and putting these pictures in your yearbook will definitely make it more memorable!

Future Plans

Making your class photo memorable can be as simple as having each child hold up a small poster that says what they want to be when they grow up. It’s a great way to sort of “time capsule” their year so that the pictures hold more memories for each student over the long-term. Plus, parents love seeing fun photos like this that they can save and point back to as their children get older. And it’s an easy way to incorporate something new and unique into your class picture – and your yearbook!

Elementary School Yearbooks are Where the Creative Juices Flow

As you’re starting to think about all the options you have for your class photo, don’t forget to nab some input from the most creative people around: the students! While you won’t be able to use every idea, there will definitely be a few you can work with – and the kids will be really excited to get involved in the process. Plus, there’s nothing that will encourage parents to buy their child a yearbook more than when the kids had some input as to what goes inside the book. When it comes to elementary school yearbooks, creativity definitely wins!