Elementary Theme Ideas from Pinterest

Pinterest inspiration for your elementary yearbook theme

When it comes time to prep a recipe, outfit, dinner party, or even yearbook, Pinterest is the go-to place to receive inspiration. (We get it, this blog is a close second.) Yearbook theme ideas on Pinterest provide inspiration for elementary yearbook coordinators, middle school clubbers, and high school editors alike, but how many can you drop into your book right away? Spoiler: Treering has over 300.

From Idea Pin to Yearbook Pages

Groovy, one of our new elementary yearbook themes for 2022-2023 is one of our top saved posts on Pinterest. To apply this, or any other pin-worthy theme, log in to your Treering account and click “edit yearbook” on the dashboard. From there,

  • Set your styles and theme
  • Select a layout or create your own
    • Import and add your own photos to pages
    • Access shared photos from your school community
    • Add your own text or use one of the overlays to pages
    • Add theme graphics to pages
    • Add or change the page background
  • Autoflow your portrait pages
Your yearbook deadline may be far out, but it’s never too soon to get started.

With 15 fully editable layouts for club, classroom, and event coverage, filling pages with memories is as simple as dragging and dropping. Coordinate portrait pages, specialty coverage, and recognition ads with 40 included backgrounds and 150 graphic elements.

Elementary yearbook idea for a page on thankfulnessElementary yearbook idea for gratitude
You’re not limited to your chosen theme package: mix and match elements from Treering’s entire collection.

This left-facing page was created using Groovy’s built-in theme graphics. Using the lowercase letters from the collection, this idea came to life with a few clicks of the align tool. We love interactive pages because they are one more way students can make their yearbooks their own. Also, these are especially fun over which to reminisce in the years to come. On the right side of the spread, there is room for a photo collage of classroom celebrations or even teachers’ favorite dishes.

The built-in color palette allows you to match headlines, editable shapes, or any user-created items.

And if you’re on the hunt for high school inspiration, tech seems to trend.

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