Yearbook Cover Ideas: Showcase Your School's Campus Art

Does your campus have interesting art pieces like this?
Photo credit: Butz.2013

In high school, it was a senior class tradition on my campus to create and donate a piece of artwork to the school. Most of the classes that came before mine painted murals on the walls surrounding the football field, but my year wanted to do something different. So,  everyone designed a quilt square to create a giant blanket. It was a fun and unique way for us to leave our mark for future generations to enjoy.

In college, my campus was a gorgeous Mediterranean-inspired affair with artistic sculptures and designs all over the place. These added a beautiful touch to the property and served as a reminder of all the creative thinkers and innovators who had walked the same garden paths before. I often wondered who had created these gorgeous pieces and how long they had been there.

Does your school have lots of interesting campus art pieces? Do you know who created them and the history behind each one? Are you stuck trying to figure out yearbook cover ideas? Many campuses commission students or alumni to create pieces to decorate the school or, as in my case, classes donate something for future generations to enjoy. A well know sculpture or painting at your school can make a great front cover for the yearbook. If you do this, you’ll want to write about it in the yearbook. And, if you choose this creative route, you’ll want to highlight all of the art on your campus.

To find out the history behind some of the campus art installations at your school, you can turn to several sources:

– Interview your school superintendent or principal to see if they have any information on file they can share for your story.

– Visit your campus’ art history department and see if the art teachers can give you a walking art tour.

– Pour through your school’s yearbook archives to see if past staffers have done some of the research for you. Did they report on the art installations that were added to the campus that year?

– Speaking of archives, scour old school newspapers to see if any staff reporter did a story on the piece in question.

Once you have done your research, you can get to work on writing your story. Do you want to make the story a more visual piece–focusing on all the art on campus? Or, do you only want to give the history of the art piece that appears on the cover? Brainstorm with your fellow staff members to see what they think would work best with your yearbook’s overall tone and feel.

If you do find someone to give you a tour of your school’s art, you should document it. Have a yearbook staff present and recording–with either audio or audio and video–while you take an art inspired walk through your campus’s creative history. Once you’ve edited the piece, post it on your yearbook social media pages and get students excited for the upcoming yearbook’s cover.

If you’re using a new art installation or piece donated to your school this year, you can even find the artist and have a yearbook staff talk to them to find out their inspiration behind it. How were they chosen? How do school officials decide where to place different pieces? The actual artist can give you many valuable insights. Highlighting campus art on the yearbook cover is a great way to showcase your school’s students’, alumni’s, and even administration’s (let’s not forget they had to find or at least approve the installations!) artistic talent and taste.

Is art prevalent on your campus? Have you ever wondered who created it? Let me know about the creative influences on your campus in the box below, and don’t forget to check back soon for more yearbook cover ideas.