Fall 2021 Yearbook Hero Contest

To celebrate the yearbook heroes in our halls and in our homes, we invite you to participate in Treering #YearbookHero Contest.

Official Yearbook Hero Contest Rules and Steps to Enter

  1. You must be a parent, student, or teacher at a Treering school to participate.
  2. Pick a yearbook hero and create a 60 second video telling us how he or she inspired or helped you with the yearbook.
  3. Share your spread on social media via:


  • Submit the post using your personal Facebook account or your school’s Facebook account. 
  • Tag @treering in your post.
  • Use the hashtag #YearbookHero in your post.
  • Share your video publicly, so we can see it and include your submission. 



  • Submit the post using your personal Instagram account or your school’s Instagram account. 
  • Tag @TreeringCorp in your post. 
  • Use the hashtag #YearbookHero in your post.
  • Make sure your profile is public so we can see it and include it in your submission.

Note: You don’t need to share on both platforms, you can if you want, but you only need to share it on one platform (Facebook or Instagram) to get credit. 

  1. After you share your video, complete this form. Double check everything for accuracy, especially your email and phone number (this is how winners will be notified and prizes will be distributed) and your school name and address (city and state only are ok). Treering will only accept complete entries.
  2. Submissions are due by Wednesday, September 29, 2021 by 8 PM PT.
Parents, after you submit your own video, nominating a Treering #YearbookHero, feel free to help your child create one as well—there’s no limit on contest submissions!

Yearbook Hero Contest Winners

On Monday, October 4, during National Yearbook Week, Treering will announce the #YearbookHero contest winners. All winners will be notified via email and phone. Treering will place the free books in the school’s account to be used this school year or next. Treering will also send the Amazon gift card electronically to the email provided in the form. There will be a first, second, and third place winner in separate elementary, middle, and high school categories.

By submitting your video, you approve Treering to use your name, hero’s name, and school name for any marketing purposes including, but not limited to: showcasing on www.Treering.com, sharing on social media, and sharing with professional media outlets. 

Yearbook Hero Contest Judging

Judging will be based on the speaker’s clarity and storytelling ability. A panel of yearbook professionals, graphic designers, parents, and journalism educators will select the winners.

Have fun with this! Show us what you’ve got! If you have any questions, contact marketing@treering.com.

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