Fan-tastic Yearbook Photos: How to Capture Team Spirit in Your Yearbook Spread

sports fan

When you’re conceptualizing the sports pages of your yearbook, you might despair that there aren’t any fun new ways to integrate team photos. But in reality, you just might need to think outside the box a bit more! By displaying team spirit from the fan’s perspective, you can create a unique spread that celebrates the sport and shows the incredible support behind the team and the school. So, what are some of the best ways to integrate that school spirit into your yearbook pages? I’ve given you my favorite tips right here! 

Get Into The Stands

The first step in capturing a fan perspective is to start thinking like a fan. Take your eagle-eye sensibilities into the stands and mix with the crowds during the next game–you’re bound to snap the team from a different angle! It’s also an awesome way to familiarize yourself with fan traditions you might not know about, and get up-close-and-personal shots of the fans themselves.

Back in the day, my friends and I would bring a big thermos of hot cocoa to the school hockey games, and drink it while wearing homemade mittens in our school’s colors. Our high school colors weren’t pretty — brown and gold — but we sure did love going to games and distinguishing ourselves from the other schools at the rink! Pretty soon, our little trend caught on, and the other game ‘regulars’ started doing the same thing. Had someone from the yearbook known about our gameday tradition, they could’ve had a heyday capturing our colorful excitement at the hockey games! I realize that it’s not a big fancy display of school spirit, but sometimes it’s the little traditions that best exemplify how fans celebrate and support their team!

Team Colors Contest

No matter what school you’re building a yearbook for, there’s always a diehard group of fans — students and adults alike — that get really decked out for all of the games. Highlighting them in your yearbook photo spread is a great way to capture your community’s love for the team! Set up a particular game each season where you’ll be photographing the best displays of team spirit, and advertise this in advance. I guarantee that you’ll have a pretty spectacular showing of school colors.

To up the incentive, try giving away a fun scarf or pair of socks (in the school’s colors of course) to the winning fan. This will make for some amazing yearbook photos for your spread! And if you want to take your photos to a whole new level, try getting some shots of super fans with the team after the game. Mixing fans with the players will create the kind of all-inclusive, energetic photos that will make people reminisce with a smile for years to come. It will also help you create yearbook pages that everyone will be talking when the book comes out.

Fan-Centric Yearbook Photos

While it’s not a traditional way to showcase each team on the yearbook pages, integrating fan traditions and excitement will generate more buzz for your yearbook. It will also help you bring more faces onto the pages of your publication. And with so many fabulous, personalized photos to check out, you might just propel this year’s book to “best ever” status among the student body! And that is absolutely the kind of yearbook legacy you want to leave.


Photo Credit: Flickr user Dave Bezaire & Susi Havens-Bezaire