Feature Your School Administrators: Dig Deeper Into Your School's Community

Building out a great yearbook sometimes means you need to think outside of the box. I’ve found that focusing on the people that really make an impact on the school year as a whole can be an excellent place to start. Although they likely interact on a pretty frequent basis during the school year, students typically don’t know a whole lot about the school administrators – other than the fact that they’re the people in charge! And sometimes, that can lead to these individuals getting a bad reputation among the students.

But building a school administration feature into this year’s spread can be the perfect way to help students see your administrators as people, who actually do have lives outside the school, while helping them to feel a little more connected to the individuals who are actually in charge of running their day. Below, I’ll give you some great tidbits to include in your admin feature this year!

Explain Their Role

While most students know who the main school administrators on your campus are, they probably don’t know a whole lot about what they actually do for the school. So have each of these individuals explain some of their main responsibilities in their yearbook feature and how what they do during the day impacts student life on campus. The more students know, the better they can relate – and some of them might even be so intrigued by the roles your administrators take on that they decide to go into that field of work themselves!

Dive Into How They Got Here

For school teachers and administrators alike, one of their main goals in the classroom is to inspire students to live up to their full potential. And explaining what it took for these ‘public’ figures on your campus to get to the career they have today can be a great way to do just that. Describe a bit of their education and what roles they took on before landing their big position as head honcho of the school. This can do more than just inspire students to consider a future in education, it can help them understand what it really takes to finally land the career of your dreams!

Get a Little Personal

While most of your school administrators probably don’t want to go too far off the beaten path to talk about their personal lives, a little info about who they are off-campus can go a long way to fostering a better student-administrator relationship for everyone. Ask them to talk about what they like to do in their free time, whether they grew up in the area, if they have family. They don’t have to get into the nitty gritty details, your goal is to just add a little snippet of their life outside of the classroom.

School Administrators Lead Your Campus

While the teachers have a huge impact on the day-to-day learning environment of the classroom, your school administrators guide the overall vision for education on your campus. They ultimately play a huge role in student life, even though it tends to be a little bit behind the scenes. Helping your students understand who these people are and what they actually do all day can create a stronger sense of community at your school and foster a more comfortable school environment (where they don’t feel like they’re about to get in trouble when these individuals are walking the halls). And it’s a fun way to get your school administrators involved in this year’s yearbook project!