Finding Fun Photo Ops: Outrageous Outfit Day to Liven Your Yearbook Pages

outrageous outfit day

When you think about high school life, learning, homework, books and projects are typically what come to mind. But I also know that FUN is also a big part of life on your campus. And since you obviously want to capture some of that engaging culture of fun on the pages of your yearbook, you’re likely brainstorming lots of ways to grab photo opportunities around the school that celebrate more than just the educational side of the school. And one way you can do just that is by hosting a super fun outrageous outfit day for your student body!

Hosting a day like this is pretty easy – you just need to encourage the student body to come up with some fun outfits that are out of the ordinary for a school day. The more time you give students to prepare, the more time you’ll have to build excitement. This will also give your campus time to come up with some awesome creations that showcase individual creativity, while creating some pretty inspired photo ops for the yearbook! Ready to start working on a day like this for your school? Read my top planning tips below.

Finding great photo ops for your photographers can be as easy – and as fun – as sponsoring an outrageous outfit day at your school!
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Getting Outrageous

Hosting an event like this is a great way to encourage your student body to have some fun with what they wear for school. And it’s actually extra awesome – and more effective – when you plan it in conjunction with another event. For example, you could make your day a part of homecoming week or plan it for a day that the school is having a big pep rally. Also, making the day a competition between different grades at your school can be a fun way to get everyone to participate! You could even give away a discounted or free yearbook to the winners of the contest.

Find a Color Theme

Whenever you’re planning a big event that involves dressing in a particular style, it can be super helpful to also choose a color theme to go along with it. This helps encourage everyone to choose items that coordinate, at least a little, which will give your photos a more cohesive look and feel. For example, you could go with school colors or maybe a neon color scheme. And don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! The more creative you get with your vision, the better the outfits will be – which will help you to create an super inspired (and colorful) spread for the yearbook!

Get Promoting for the Best Photo Ops

The best way to make your outrageous outfit day successful is to promote the heck out of it. Make big posters that can be displayed all over the school to ensure everyone knows about the event. Try adding some pictures – even just magazine cutouts – to give the students food for thought and encourage everyone to participate. Use social media to connect with students as well – one way to spark creativity is to share easy outfit ideas students and staff alike can pull together on their own, like colorful tutus, tie-dye shirts or an old pair of jeans patched with colors from your theme. The more you can boost excitement, the more creative those outfits will be!

When you’re looking for unique ways to bring some saucy flavor to your yearbook, don’t be afraid to encourage your student body to get creative outside the classroom. Not only does this take some of the work off of the yearbook committee’s shoulders, it helps the whole campus to get excited about planning something fun. And after you see how successful this event is – and all the great photos you nab for the yearbook spread – you’ll definitely want to make this a yearly event!

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