On the Road: A "First Car" Page for Your Yearbook Will Thrill Students

Everyone remembers their first car and creating a “First Car” or “Students and their Cars” yearbook page is the absolute perfect way to preserve memories for students of driving their first cars to school in their Junior or Senior years of high school. Knowing that they no longer rely on the bus, a bike, or their parents is one of the great thrills and memories of teenage years.

Getting a first car is one of the great rites of passage for an American teen, and whether it is a brand new sports car or a rusted old beater, there is a certain thrill of independence that comes with getting behind the wheel, and knowing for the first time that you set the music, you set the speed, and you set the rules (no opening condiments in the back seat- you’ll make a mess!). When looking back on this page, students will remember that rush that comes with knowing you no longer have to ask for a ride, and that the world is suddenly opened.

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