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Flipping Out: Adding a Flipbook Brings Fun to Your Yearbook Pages

Have you finished your yearbook early but want to keep going to make it even better? Do you want to do something fun to make your yearbook more out of the box, creative and interactive? A flipbook is a great way to get people to look at the yearbook in a new light. Get a dedicated yearbook team member to photograph a stop motion animation of the school mascot cheering or a class president doing a funny dance! Have fun with it! It will be an extra special hidden surprise in your yearbook that will be fun for everybody!

Putting the pictures in the corner is the traditional way to do this. It might be extra fun not to announce it beforehand, and students will slowly figure out that there is something going on. At first, they’ll just think it is an odd picture, but after flipping through a few pages they’ll see it is something much more. As this grows into a tradition, it will become an exciting aspect of the yearbook that students will look forward to.

When you’re ready to start compiling your yearbook’s pages, be sure to request a free trial of our software to get using our templates and see how using Treering can transform and simplify the process of creating your yearbook!

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