Fresh Ideas for Yearbook Spreads Highlighting Your Teachers

Teachers are the greatest, so you don’t want their yearbook pages to fall flat. The one thing teachers truly deserve (besides a raise) is an amazing yearbook spread or two. So let’s give these hardworking folks their due and give the student body something to talk about by including fun and clever teacher spreads in this year’s book.

Here are some fresh yearbook spread ideas to capture a more dynamic view of your teachers and staff on your book’s pages.

Teacher’s Pet

Create a collection of photos featuring your teachers with their adorable animals. Whether it’s a poodle or a piranha, there is a lot to be discovered by displaying these companions. To add some dimension, you could create a mod displaying quotes about different teacher’s childhood pets. Another idea would be to create a guessing game where you have to match the pet to the teacher.However you style it, animals are a big hit.

Teacher Spread Ideas Teachers-Pet

Just Like Us

Teachers seem like a different species to your students sometimes. So for a spread to tie everyone together, gather some similarities between your teachers and the students. You might have to poke around a bit, but you won’t have to look too far to find some teachers that enjoy a snow day, Taco Tuesday, or cheering on the team. Teachers stay up late to finish their work, play games on their smartphones, and like to get all decked out for Halloween. Finding similarities between the teachers and students will remind the reader that they are all part of a tight-knit community.

If I Wasn’t a Teacher

Poll your teachers on what they thought they were going to be when they grew up. Pick some of the best responses and use illustrations or Photoshop to make these ideas come to life. Everyone will get a little chuckle out of seeing their favorite teachers outfitted as cowboys, astronauts, soccer players, or mad scientists.

Obviously a Teacher

A while back I was out to dinner with my sister. She reached into her pocket to retrieve her chapstick and managed to fish out two glue sticks and a flashcard. I immediately glanced at her inky fingers and the pencil in her hair. She was such a teacher at that moment.

So for an ‘obviously a teacher’ spread, ask teachers to identify their own moments like these and photograph the evidence. Whether it’s the day they realized that all their shoes were built for comfort or when they referenced their nephew being born “last semester,” every teacher gets the self-realization epiphany now and then. These moments are usually marked by a quick giggle; make room to share the laughs in your yearbook.

Teacher Spread Ideas Obviously-a-Teacher

Two Truths and a Lie

It’s a simple game, on the surface: each participant provides three statements–two are true, and one is false. It’s up to everyone else to determine which is which. And it’s a great idea for a spread about your teachers.

Ask teachers to craft their three statements, and have them pose for the camera with their best poker face. Whether you include the answer key is up to you, but we’d recommend hiding the answers somewhere in the ads. For additional photos, you can show a mix of the facts and the fantasy for a really fun and creative spread.


Everyone today seems to be obsessed with selfies as a way to express themselves and their personality. So why not capture your teachers in that same light? Whether their class is in the background or it’s a snapshot of their summer vacation, a selfie collection from teachers will show what they are up to both in and out of the classroom.


Did you know that teachers were once students themselves? Well, of course. But this concept might be mind-blowing to some of the students at your school. Ask your teachers to submit images of themselves when they were the age of their current students and give a little insight into what they were like.

When I was a junior, our Chemistry teacher showed us a commercial that he starred in when he was a high school track star. It was hilarious (those shorts!) and it gave us a glimpse into our teacher’s background.

Teacher Spread Ideas Throwback

The annual yearbook is a great platform to show your teachers’ human sides and cement a lasting impression for years to come. The best spread ideas contain an unexpected, personal glimpse into the teachers’ lives. So step away from the blackboards and apples, and provide a new, exciting spread.

Your goal is to add another dimension to the teachers that all work so hard educating today’s students. These teachers are wholly invested in their students’ futures, and the yearbook should be equally tenacious in capturing our teachers in their best light—as themselves.

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