Fun Craft Ideas Add Value and Appeal to Preschool Yearbooks


Preschool yearbooks are becoming a more popular way to save those precious years of early childhood. They’re one of my favorite yearbooks to design because there’s nothing cuter than the adorable photos and memories generated at this age! The main thing to keep in mind when creating a preschool yearbook is your audience. The content you include in a book for the under-five crowd and their parents is quite different from what you would build for older kids.

Parents and kids will both delight in seeing photos of all the fun students had throughout the school year, but they’ll also enjoy seeing how the learning experience was extended through playtime at home. Offering fun crafts and activities that parents can do with their kids will help you build a better yearbook, but it will also create opportunities for lasting fun at home and better yearbook sales! To help you get started, here are a few of my favorite ways to generate craft ideas for preschool yearbooks.

Classroom Newsletters

Depending on your school, you likely have access to classroom or school-wide newsletters that are sent out to the parents on a monthly basis. Within those newsletters, there are usually some great tips for how parents can extend a particular theme or do a specific craft at home with their kids. While this is awesome information, a lot of parents overlook the newsletter or throw it away before they notice all of the fun ideas that your school has already whipped up. But you can easily make that loss your gain—those are perfect crafts to re-feature on the pages of your preschool yearbook!

Teachers Love Pinterest

If the teachers at your school are anything like the preschool educators that I know, then they’re all over Pinterest scouting for fun new ideas to try with their class. Ask them to take this a step further and find some fun activities that parents can easily do at home with their kids, to supplement what they learn in the classroom! It’s an easy fit, because it’s just one extra step beyond what they’re already doing. It can also improve parent-teacher relationships, as parents will appreciate how teachers went the extra mile to help their kids continue learning outside of class.

Parent Submissions

The parents at your school are probably always looking for fun ideas to try at home, and they will likely have a few tricks up their sleeve that can benefit the yearbook. Encourage parents to submit their favorite at-home tips for fun crafts, interactive activities, or even ways of keeping craft supplies organized. These are the types of ideas that will fit perfectly within the pages of your preschool yearbook, and can cut down on the research you have to do to pull together your yearbook craft section!

A Preschool Yearbook That Shines

Creating a preschool yearbook doesn’t have to be an intense process. In fact, it should be great fun to work on! By going beyond the photos and short content that reiterates the kids’ school year, you’ll produce a more interactive preschool yearbook that adds tons of value for both parents and children!