A Fun Way to Tell Your Yearbook Committee Thank You for All Their Hard Work

As we approach the last few weeks of the school year, you’re ecstatic to send your publication off to print. You’re also realizing just how much hard work your yearbook committee put into your project over the past few months. From how they covered school events to the way they carefully crafted every article, their diligence has definitely paid off. While you want to show them your appreciation, your budget doesn’t allow you to splurge on a big thank you gift. But before you feel defeated, let me offer one super cute way to show off your appreciation: a photo collage of your year together, using the custom pages of your yearbook! Not only is it a budget-friendly option, but it doesn’t eat up much time to design at all! Below, I’ll walk you through what to include and how you can easily create this special gift without a big investment.

A Fabulous Yearbook Committee Photo Collage

The thing that I love about this concept is that it celebrates your big accomplishment (the yearbook going to print) while thanking your committee at the same time. And your team will love having something to remember all of the fun they had this year! As you start to select the right photos to use in your collage, remember that this particular piece should focus on the people who have been behind the scenes. Crowdsource selfies from your yearbook committee that were taken while out working on your book. Find silly images that you saved from some of your team meetings. Creating a stunning yearbook can be stressful, but you also had a ton of great times together. Remind your yearbook committee of those amazing, unforgettable moments with the images you choose for your collage.

Use Custom Pages

To make your collage a total surprise, use the free yearbooks that you earn through your sales to gift to your yearbook committee members. Before you place the final order, personalize the custom pages of these books with your photo collage! Our drag and drop software makes it easy to quickly add your selected photos to the spread. And since you’re already familiar with how to build out pages in our system, creating this custom work of art will be a breeze! Add a few quotes throughout your collage about friendship, either on your own or through the pre-made graphics that are available within your Treering account. Include a lovely header to the top of your collage that thanks your team for their dedication to the project. Since you’re adding the collage to the custom pages of the yearbook, you can even personalize this header with each individual’s name! With a few minutes’ effort, you’ll create something that your committee members will cherish forever.

Personalize Your Yearbook Committee Thank You

Once you’re ready to distribute the yearbooks, make sure you write a nice thank you note on the first signature page. This will always remind them of how hard they worked to help create something wonderful for your school. While they might lose a thank you card, you can be sure they’ll keep this memory forever. Plus, this individualized touch will really resonate with your yearbook committee members. Within your note, make sure to:

  • Personalize the note with specific contributions that each individual made. This will recognize how their efforts supported the yearbook creation process, and why they were a valued member of your team.
  • Include a fun memory that goes beyond the work they produced, like a fun outing you had or a particular creative exercise that was memorable. Reference a funny joke they told or that time they let you take the last cookie. This will let them know that you value them for who they are, and not only for the great work they’ve done.
  • End with how excited you are to (hopefully) work with them again next year. This reminds everyone that they can be part of the yearbook committee in the future!

Because there’s no additional out-of-pocket expense, it’s a totally affordable way to show your appreciation. It might be small, but a gift like this will really encourage your yearbook committee to come back in the fall. And since these individuals already have a strong understanding of how the process works, they’re the perfect fit for next year’s team!

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