Get Quoted: Where Those Fabulous Yearbook Quotes Should Be Displayed

yearbook quotes

Quotes are one of my favorite ways to spice up a yearbook spread. Not only do they offer a unique way to break up photos and content, they’re totally and completely unique to your school – which means your students will love reading them! But how can you best work them into the pages of your spread, and what types of quotes in those spaces will make for the best fodder? With a little help from your favorite expert (me!), you’ll have the most quoted yearbook in school history. And your campus will love scouring the pages to see which yearbook quotes actually made the cut!

Section Separators

Students love seeing their name in lights  – or at least in the public eye. There’s no better way to make them feel included  than seeing some of their very own words covering the pages! As you’re assessing the amount of space you have available, remember that a quotes page can be an excellent way to break up different sections of content within your spread. While you probably can’t include every single student’s words of wisdom on the pages of your yearbook, this is a way to create a lot more space for a bigger yearbook quotes feature that spans the entire publication. Plus, they create a natural buffer between totally contrasting bits of content. Your students will love them so much, these pages might actually become more popular than some of those sections they’re actually separating!

Photo Captions

You already know that your yearbook committee can come up with some great captions for the different photos in your spread. Sometimes, though, an even better caption can come directly from the person (or people) captured in the pictures! This is especially true for action shots: you can get an awesome explanation of what’s going on straight from the person you’re featuring. That can go a long way for building some authenticity into the pages of your spread, as well as adding some extra human interest to some of those more exciting photos. Plus, you never know when one of those quotes will become a total class favorite – which can definitely help your yearbook stand out from the publications of years passed!


One yearbook tradition your campus likely subscribes to is sharing and signing yearbooks. You can help take that to the next level by scanning in handwritten versions of the more inspirational yearbook quotes your students submitted and scattering them throughout the signature pages of your book. These are often the most frequented pages of the yearbook – at least, when students look back on their own personal memories from the year – and can be a super fun way to commemorate all of the memories they made as a class. It will also inspire your students to share something more inspirational than “have a great summer!” – and that will definitely help to take this year’s spread up a notch.

Yearbook Quotes Spice Up Your Spread

When you’re looking for a fun way to add some content that’s totally unique to your school, quotes are an awesome way to do it because you can quickly feature a wide range of sentiments. Without taking precious space and work time, quotes help you integrate some awesome content into any section of your yearbook. Since so many students would love to have their own words of wisdom added to the pages of your book, it won’t be hard to get submissions. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself sorting through them, stuck debating which amazing quotes you’ll have to leave on the drawing room floor.

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