Giving Back: Use Your Yearbook to Showcase Community Service

Feature your school’s community service and charitable work in a big way in your yearbook this year!

It is important to show how many different students donated time, money and gifts to charity and to make a point to highlight all of the many ways your student body chose to give back this year. Be sure to give special attention to the charities or community projects that students from your school worked with the most! Give information to encourage future charitable work within your student body and to secure even more involvement from students who may not have been as involved as others last year. Make giving look fun!

You could also include dollar breakdowns and money graphs to show how much families and students from your school donated and where all of their money went. Did you prepare “loveboxes” or have a “feed the homeless” day? Did you do any tree planting in the community? Make sure to document it all! A yearbook page can be a fabulous way to feature how fun it was to give back to the community over the past year, and could become a regular feature in your yearbook for years to come.

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