Great Yearbook Marketing Ideas: Up the Ante on Old-Fashioned Posters

yearbook marketing posters

As you’re moving into the biggest part of the year for boosting yearbook sales, finding ways to remind students to order their yearbooks is likely on your mind. Putting up giant posters around the hallways of your school is a classic way to get the word out about your book, and it still works today! While we talk a lot about being progressive with marketing opportunities through your social yearbook, it is true that a combination of the old fashioned techniques, along with the technologically advanced is what will really spread the word and help you boost sales.

A little old-fashioned yearbook marketing combined with something new – I like the sound of that! So below, I’m going to take you through the top ways to build up a poster campaign at your school, that catches the student’s eyes – and actually helps to boost your sales!

All About the Information

While you might be thinking that yearbook sales are all about the Benjamins, selling more yearbooks is mostly dependent on your ability to communicate the right information to your campus. After all, if they don’t have the right details, they can’t buy a book! So as you’re building out your poster campaign, remember to include these key things on every single poster that you put up in the hallways:

Deadlines: This should be the single biggest item on every poster you create. Not only are they eye-catching, but deadlines help put a little pressure on the situation to encourage everyone get their order in more quickly.

How to Order: Placing a yearbook order should be simple and easy – make sure you’re directing students to the exact place they can pay for theirs! The fewer steps they need to take to get their hands on a book, the more likely they’ll be to buy a book now.

Why it’s Great: As with any kind of marketing, you want your audience, aka “your students,” to know why your book is so great – and why they absolutely NEED to buy one. Put this information on your posters in short bullets, just using a few creative words can really get your point across. You can use these short bullets to supplement your social yearbook, where you can post longer updates and photos of what will specifically be so fabulous about this year’s publication.

Eye Catching Design

If your school is a lot like the ones I attended, then there are definitely a lot of organizations that use posters as a marketing tool around the hallways of your campus. This means you need to help your yearbook marketing campaign stand out from the crowd! You can do this most effectively by thinking bigger and brighter. Try neon paper for the background of your posters, and use big, bold letters while creating your campaign. And while you probably won’t use it for every project you create in the classroom, don’t be afraid to break out the glitter for your yearbook marketing posters. I get it – it’s messy. But it’s totally eye-catching in the hallways!

Classic Yearbook Marketing with a Twist

Digital tactics like social media can certainly be yearbook marketing trends that help to boost your sales this year. But it’s important to remember that they’re not the only way to market your yearbook – and some of those classic techniques are still a great way to reach the students at your school. So when you’re using the tried and true poster marketing tactic, making sure the ones you’re putting up all over the hallways stand out, is the perfect way to stay front-of-mind on campus during the day. And once those babies go up, you’ll definitely start to see students (and parents!) getting their yearbook orders in, in no time!

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