Unique Yearbook Marketing Ideas & Advertising Strategies

So many different components go into creating a great yearbook – from organizing the perfect committee, to crafting great content, to snapping memorable photos. All parts come together to produce a one-of-a-kind book. But now that you’ve put together this large token of school iconography, how do you get people to actually purchase it?

Here are some out-of-the-box tips for guerilla marketing your yearbook:

Make it a book they’ll love: No better way to market a book that people want than to actually make it a book people want.  The last thing students want to see are candids of the same people spread throughout the yearbook, or rigid group photos posed the same way over and over again. Luckily, that’s never a problem with Treering – instead, social yearbooks are the name of the game, meaning everyone can have their input on making the perfect yearbook.

Redo the old posters: Get creative with your yearbook advertising. Plastering the same old cardstock posters isn’t as effective when they’re mixed in with announcements for Prom Queen and Class President. Instead, create a large chalkboard wall at a main focal point within the school. From there, you can stylize it with different fonts and colors to grab students’ attention. You can use regular chalk, or, to prevent erasure, silver and colored Sharpies. Chalkboard walls are a great attention-grabber and a great way to break away from the same old posters.

Photo Booth Yearbook Advertising

You could also have a photo booth to grab peoples attention, the bonus being you can print out props based on your theme, and use the photos in the book.

Make it known: People need to see/hear something 7 times before they commit it to memory. Those daily announcements that everyone struggles not to fall asleep to during homeroom do come in handy for one thing – marketing. It might be unconventional, but get on the intercom daily and put a little pep in your step. Wake the students up and remind them to buy a yearbook!

Up the ante: Hold a raffle or contest for everyone that purchases a yearbook. To increase the number of participants, make the prize more than just tacky swag. Raffle off donated items like gift cards, spa services, or even gadgets and electronics. Each time a yearbook is purchased, hand out a raffle ticket. You can build up the excitement and competition by setting a deadline date for buying a yearbook and receiving a raffle ticket.

Target parents: Even if students don’t realize they want a yearbook at the present time, their parents do. Parents understand the nostalgia that comes with the yearbook – so play to this. Call and send mailings home to parents, and remind them that they don’t have to wait for their son or daughter to purchase – they can do it for them.

The mob squad: If your yearbook committee is up for it, hold a flash mob. It doesn’t mean everyone has to bust out their best dance moves. But if people hear the music pumping and other students getting excited about something, they will get on board. An alternative is to hold a freeze – while everyone is on their way to lunch, have the entire committee freeze in the hallway at the same moment, and then make an announcement to buy a yearbook.

Community involvement: Go to the local hangouts and display some marketing materials. This could be a pizza shop students frequent, practice fields, the library, etc. You could even stop by open mic night, band performances, or school plays and make a quick yearbook announcement between sets or acts.

Get personal: Since Treering’s claim to fame is the ability for students to create custom pages and messages, make sure all students are aware! Each student has a story they will want to remember for years to come, so make sure they know they can share that with the school.

These are just a few things you can do for some unique yearbook marketing, but don’t stop here! Treering offers an illustrious e-book for marketing your yearbook – so grab a copy and brief yourself on a variety of other creative marketing techniques!

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