Highlight Fun Student Lockers in a Yearbook Spread

Student locker
Lockers may look plain on the outside… but the inside may be worthy of a yearbook spread!
Image source: Flickr CC user Steven Depolo

Contrary to what most teen comedies would have you believe, school lockers were not created solely for the popular jocks to hang the school nerd by his underwear. (Seriously, how many more times are we going to have to watch that cliché gag?) In fact, they were actually invented so students had a place to put their heavy, important textbooks in between classes instead of lugging them across campus.

But lockers are more than just glorified bookshelves – they’re a student’s own little personal space within a huge school. They’re also receptacles for love letters and secret admirers, a place to pause and catch up with friends between classes, and an empty canvas to fill with mementos from throughout the year.

While some lockers go unloved the entire year (and have to be cleaned by a HAZMAT team because the student forgot they had left their lunch in there for a month), other students take their tiny home-away-from-home very seriously, taking the time to decorate it and add their own personal spin to its blank, metal walls. Whether it’s covering their lockers with photos of their best friends or posters of their favorite bands, lockers not only give insight into that particular student, but act as a time capsule – letting people see what was in or cool at the time. Capturing the inside of some of these unique locker spaces would not only make a great yearbook spread, but it’s a great way to preserve and remember what teenagers were really into during your four years in high school.

Assign several students on the yearbook committee to oversee the locker story spread. Brainstorm how many lockers you think would be the perfect number to feature and figure out a way to pick the best, most creative lockers for the yearbook. You can host a school locker decorating contest where students can submit photos of their lockers to the yearbook team or you can separate the spread by class, highlighting the top freshmen locker, sophomore locker, and so on. Discuss with other yearbook staffers the best way to go about highlighting the student’s lockers during one of your meetings before taking submissions.

It’s also important to make sure your spread covers a variety of personalities at your school. You don’t want every photo to only show lockers with One Direction posters. Seek out spaces that really give insight into that student’s creative side and show their interests beyond the walls of the school. There is so much you can learn about a person by how they choose to decorate their space. Letting students think outside the box (or in this case, their lockers) can help them unleash a whole other creative side you might not know they had.

Here are some ideas for different categories that can help you determine who to feature and how to display them in the yearbook:

Biggest Fan: For those One Direction lovers! Or for any other student who’s devoted their small space to a particular band, actor, or celebrity.

Most Artistic: Some students may be displaying their own doodles, photography, or other pieces of creative expression. Save a space in the book for these artsy students!

Most Colorful: This one’s reserved for the boldest and brightest!

Most Organized: Does someone have a locker that looks like it came straight out of a CB2 catalogue? This category is for them!

Do you think highlighting lockers is a fun idea for the yearbook? Do you have ideas for other great categories? Share your ideas in the comment box below!