Hip Trends for Your Middle School Yearbook: A Street Style Feature


When you’re working with a committee of students to build a great middle school yearbook, you want to find a balance between youthful ideas and more grown-up concepts. These are some of the hardest years of a student’s life, where they make the transition from childhood to the teenage world. And if you’re searching for great ideas that build some fun into the pages of your book while meeting the needs of this transitioning demographic, I have a superb one for you to try: a street style feature! A popular high school blog concept, you can easily put a youthful spin on this idea to create something your students will love. Keep reading to learn how you can have a little fun and really connect with your students with an idea like this for your yearbook!

What Does Street Style Mean?

While a lot of schools have a fashion program, class, or club–or at least a few students that are interested in the high-fashion world–many of the kids on your campus have their own personality to share through their clothing choices. It’s a way that they express their individuality to the world, a way to try on different personas and discover who they are. A street style feature captures student style across your campus, to celebrate the unique presence that students bring to your school. Not only is it a fun way to check out what trends are happenin’ across your student body, but it can be a great way to incorporate some new faces into the pages of your book.

How Can You Get Great Photos?

Start by assigning this feature to a few members of your yearbook committee. Ask them to spend some time over the course of two months gathering awesome images and quotes that can be used in the pages of your yearbook. While it’s not necessary for them to be fluent in the brands and labels that are behind every outfit, it can help to bring some students into the project that have an eye for fashion. This way, when you pull your feature together, they can more easily write about what makes each person’s outfit stand out. Remind them that this is a way to create a more inclusive yearbook. They should get outside of their own personal style to photograph students that showcase something different, from on-trend to unique, individual style. The more diverse your photos are, the more exciting your feature!

What Should the Captions Be?

The important thing to keep in mind is that you’re preparing a feature for a middle school yearbook, not an episode of fashion police. Instruct your committee to keep the copy that accompanies your photos extra positive. Focus on what makes each outfit shine! From a great pair of boots to a super cozy hoodie, the point of this concept is to capture a wide range of personalities on your campus and show how it’s ok to be different. Not only will this result in more students appearing in your book, but it can spur a little more real-life inclusiveness on your campus. It can also be fun to include quotes from each student, describing their style in their own words.

A Middle School Yearbook with a Message

A feature like this doesn’t just create something new and exciting for the pages of your yearbook. It’s a way to send a great message to your campus! At a tricky age, students need to hear that it’s okay to go against the grain. When you showcase how different styles and personalities can meld together to create an awesome school, you help create a more accepting environment across your campus. And since that’s something that every yearbook coordinator wants to do, it’s the perfect feature to add to your middle school yearbook!