Hip Yearbook Marketing Slogans That Will Connect With Your Students

As a yearbook coordinator, one of your goals is, obviously, to sell a lot of copies of your publication. After all, you want all of your committee’s hard work to be seen by as many eyes as possible! To engage the youthful audience on your campus, you need to make sure the words you use are hip, and not outdated. You also don’t want to make it sound like you’re trying too hard. Building your campaign around fun, modern slogans can be the perfect solution! To help you create the ultimate yearbook marketing campaign, I’ve pulled together two of the most popular social slogans around, and modified them to flawlessly work in favor of your sales.

“…said no one ever.”

A fun twist on the old “Not!” rejoinder that was popular in the 90’s, this short blurb is added to the end of a statement that is the opposite of the truth. It’s typically used in online memes, which means it is the perfect way to boost your yearbook marketing tactics both in print and online! To create a fabulous pitch, start with what you want your students to do: buy a yearbook. Focus on why they would want their own copy: to share with friends, save memories, have fun on signature day…you get the idea. Then, turn those drivers into a phrase that’s the complete opposite. Add your trendy tagline, along with a note to remind students when, where, and how to buy a yearbook. Here are a few idea to get you started:

  • “I’ll never want to look back at all the memories we made this year” …said no one ever. Buy your yearbook today and save them forever!
  • “I don’t want a yearbook this year” …said no one ever. Order yours before it’s too late!
  • “Who cares about yearbook signing day” …said no one ever. Don’t miss out on the fun, order your copy today!

Once you’ve decided on a concept, find a few fun yearbook photos that you can pair with your slogan to get students excited. Add your text to those images, in the style of an online meme. Even if you use a variety of pictures and taglines throughout your posters, your promotional theme (“…said no one ever…”) should remain the same. This consistency will turn your ideas into a full blown yearbook marketing campaign, which will really boost sales!

Photo Credit: Tumblr user narglenazi

“ALL the Things”

This is a concept you can have a little fun with. Use it in the original form, or replace “things” with a slightly more narrow scope. The part that makes it funny is the extreme broadness that “ALL the…” encapsulates. For this type of yearbook marketing concept to be successful, think through the cool aspects of your yearbook. Break these concepts down into quickly digestible pieces. And remember to think about your publication from the perspective of a student to really connect with your campus. Once you’ve come up with a cute tagline, add an extra blurb of copy that really ties your yearbook to the concept. For example:

  • See ALL the things! … on the pages of the yearbook. Order yours today!
  • Sign ALL the yearbooks! … if you have a copy of your own. Order your yearbook now!
  • Remember ALL the memories!… with an awesome yearbook. Buy yours today!

This is a concept that you can pair with an image, or just use fun fonts to showcase your words. No matter what your final design looks like, it’s a concept that your campus will definitely get a kick out of!

Photo Credit: Instagram user bombsfadeaway

Hip Yearbook Marketing Slogans

These two concepts are a superb way to take your yearbook marketing to the next level. They give your campaign a little modern style, and connect with your students better than many of the old-fashioned, basic yearbook sales slogans might.  Remember, these concepts are the perfect way to market to the students on your campus. When you’re in search of ways to connect with their parents, a concept with a more sophisticated approach will be a better fit.

To promote each of these concepts, use all of the tools available to you. Print posters that can be used in high traffic areas around your campus. Use social media and your online yearbook to digitally connect with students. Pass around small flyers at events and during lunch. With a little creative thinking, you can modify many popular phrases to fit your yearbook needs. And with these tips, you don’t have to sound like you’re trying too hard to make it all work!

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