How Flexible Is Your Yearbook?

Mom doing flexibility training with her laptop

As the student rising to the call of leadership, the teacher who is a champion of her students, or the parent hero stepping in, you should have a say in your schedule. You can work out on-demand, watch TV on-demand, why not publish on-demand? Adhering to multiple deadlines while committing to book sales and page counts is impossible when you don’t even know how many events will be taking place this year. At Treering, we believe that schools, parents, and students should be given the flexibility and freedom to build a yearbook without the stress of ANY commitments.

Flexible Deadlines: Finish Your Book When You’re Ready

With Treering there’s only one deadline: the day you want to finish your book. Three weeks from that day, your books will arrive to your students. Period. Want to change that date, no problem. The date can be moved at any time, to any date you need. The choice is yours.

Flexible Distribution: Ship Your Yearbooks to Your School, or Directly to Each Student’s Home

We offer free sorting (alphabetical, by grade, by classroom) and free bulk shipping to the school. If you want more time to capture prom or graduation, you can have the books shipped directly to each student’s home for a flat-rate shipping fee. It’s your choice!

A group of student celebrate the arrival of their yearbooks
Remember to celebrate your yearbooks arriving on campus!

Flexible Details: Decrease (or Increase) Your Pages or Even Cancel Your Book

Should something change and you need to decrease your page count, we will let you do that anytime before you hit print ready! Need to cancel your school’s book altogether (we hope not), you can do that without worrying about incurring any fees. Your school never pays us anything, and your parents only pay if they decide to buy a book.

No fees. No worries. No stress.

Flexible Collaboration: Collecting Content from your School is Easier than Ever!

For the sake of inclusivity and to capture all aspects of school, it’s important to get photos and help from your community. (Repeat after us: “I can’t do it all!”) Our shared folders and mobile app make it extremely easy to collect content from your school. By making it simple for everyone to submit photos, you’re guaranteed to have everything you need to build a unique book this and every year.

Two moms uploading photos to the Treering app through the
Upload photos from the pick up line.

Flexible Designing: Thousands of Innovative Page Ideas at Your Fingertips

Complete book looks, including layouts, fonts, graphics, and color palettes, are free for all Treering customers. Don’t worry, they are flexible enough that you can make them even more to your liking. You can even upload your own spreads from InDesign.

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