How to Get Started With Your 2014 Yearbook: Add a School Roster

Are you as amazed as I am at how quickly fall has arrived? Besides waking up to dark mornings, September means that it’s time to start your 2014 yearbook. I’ll be working closely with many of our school partners this year and will be chronicling my interactions in this weekly post. It will prove to be a learning experience for both of us!

Sell Your Yearbook

Let’s start your 2014 yearbook from the beginning. Getting the word out to your community is as important as creating the book itself. If you are going to spend all of this time creating a beautiful yearbook, let’s make sure a lot of people get to enjoy it. I wrote a detailed eBook about using modern marketing techniques to sell more yearbooks to parents and students and get them more engaged with the yearbook itself. It’s a thorough guide that i encourage you to read, but for now let’s boil it down to the basics.

Upload Your School Roster

Assuming that you have already created an account, it’s time to get a school roster uploaded. Make sure that your pricing, including fundraiser is set up, so that parents and students will be able to purchase the book once they are invited. You can access our Excel template by clicking here. Once you have the roster, simply follow the instructions on submitting it to TreeRing support.

I’m often asked, “But, how do I get the roster?” Today, almost all schools use some type of database to store school records. It’s best to go to the main office and ask the staff if they can help you. They are almost always very familiar with how to export that roster. Make sure to provide them with the template you downloaded.

Invite Your Community

Once the roster is uploaded to you school account it’s time to invite your community to purchase their yearbook and begin creating personal pages. You can use our predesigned emails, or even write your own by using the custom email option. It’s important to start advertising your yearbook to community right away. We offer a 15 percent discount to parents that purchase their yearbooks in September, so that should be a great incentive to get them onboard.

Screenshot Showing How to Create A Custom Email

It you prefer not to take advantage of TreeRing’s integrated marketing platform, you can download flyers directly from your TreeRing homepage. They are customized with your school passcode and yearbook pricing. Simply save it as a PDF so you can email it to your community, or print them out for traditional distribution.

Screenshot Showing Where to Download Custom Flyer

Example of a Predesigned TreeRing Flyer

How do you plan to get the word out to your school community? Let us know by commenting below.