Inclusive Yearbook Themes: How to Represent All Students in Print

Part of building a great yearbook includes incorporating the whole school into its pages – but depending on the size of your school, that can be easier said than done. Creating an inclusive yearbook is something that’s important for both the students and the way you share memories in the book – and it’s something  you need to do consciously. Some students are more involved in school activities than others, which can make them naturally fall into more photos than others. As the leader of a yearbook project, your goal should be to integrate as many students from the school into your images as possible. Getting creative can help you do this well – and with the tips we’ve come up with based on years of research, you’ll be sure to successfully create an inclusive yearbook theme!

Your goal in the yearbook is to incorporate as many students as possible – so how do you best bring everyone together for an inclusive yearbook? Image from Flickr CC user Pacific High School Class

School Pride

When it comes to finding a topic that can engage pretty much the whole student body at your school, school pride is your best bet. Finding opportunities to encourage students to come up with the best displays of school pride through what they wear – and then photographing the individuals that came up with the most inspired outfits, together – is a great place to start. Since the theme of the photo fits with the colors of your school, it’s easy to work these kinds of pictures into your yearbook design!

School Specialties

Although getting up early likely isn’t topping the list of reasons why kids enjoy coming to school, there’s at least one thing that everyone can think of that makes your school special. Asking students to submit what they think is unique and awesome about your campus can help you do two things: get people talking about positive things that happen within the classroom and help them to realize some things that are really special about your school that they maybe took for granted before. Featuring some of the students with the best answers in your yearbook can be a great way to include students that don’t always end up in a lot of group shots throughout your book.

Class Photos

To bring each grade level together, try creating a new tradition: class photos that encourage a creative theme. When each grade has the opportunity to come together and create their own unique photo – that includes everyone from the class – you’ll help to foster an inclusive mentality that goes beyond the yearbook theme and extends into the everyday lives of students. Plus, they’ll have a great time coming up with fun outfits to match their theme – which will get everyone excited to plan what their grade should do next year!

Building a Great Environment

Creating an inclusive environment within your school starts with the yearbook. Think of the yearbook as the display piece that encourages students to be more cohesive as a grade and a campus, putting a big piece of the culture of the school on paper for the students. Establishing a tradition of inclusivity within your yearbook can help initiate a friendlier environment across the student body, helping to reduce the amount of bullying that goes on in your school. Basically, your yearbook has more influence on your student culture than you might think – and working your hardest to find ways of incorporating the whole student body can help push that mentality through each class and the school at large.


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