Increase Yearbook Committee Sign-Ups With This Free Template

We know that sometimes it takes a little convincing to get yearbook committee volunteers to sign on for the extra work a yearbook committee position involves. So we’re here to help you give your team members the gentle nudge they might need.

Here is our handy, free Yearbook Committee Sign-up Form. It includes descriptions of the positions that will help your committee succeed, plus the time commitment each requires. And, of course, space for people to sign up! Because, as anyone who has been part of a yearbook committee knows: It’s one thing to join the committee. It’s another to take on major responsibility.

How should you use this sign-up form template?

  • Customize it, print it out, and pass it around at your first yearbook committee meeting.
  • Keep it in Google Doc format, and link to it in a back-to-school email that promotes your yearbook sale–with a reminder that there won’t be a yearbook without community support!
  • Set up a yearbook table at back-to-school night. Have the Editor-in-Chief (or another representative) there to answer questions and prompt attendees to sign up.
  • Hit up your PTA/PTO meeting, and use the form to recruit new committee members.

You’ll be surprised by the impact a little guidance–and peer pressure–can make.

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