Intriguing Yearbook Photos: Great Poses for Taking Fantastic Group Shots

When you start planning out all of the different ways your committee will nab yearbook photos for this year’s publication, group shots are high on your list. Because your team tends to snap pictures on the fly, there isn’t a lot of time to spend painstakingly re-posing people over and over again for each picture you take. This makes it helpful to have several group poses in your back pocket that you know will result in awesome photos. Today, I’m sharing five of the easiest ways to pose a group for added interest, and an amazing final product. Which means this guide will result in some perfect ideas for fabulous yearbook photos before the year even starts!

The ‘High Angle’

The high angle photo is taken from above your subjects, and can be a minor or extreme effect, depending on how high you go and how much of an angle you use with your camera. It’s an excellent way to photograph a large group, like a big class or your school band. It also gives your group shots a more modern and inviting feel, as it brings a totally different dynamic to your final image. To achieve this at your school, bring a small ladder with you to photo shoots. Encourage your group to stand or sit closely together, then look up at your camera. Experiment by taking pictures at different heights, as this will give you some fantastic options to work with for your final layout.

The ‘Close Together’

One group pose that I love to use to make a picture look comfortable and friendly is the close together shot. In this pose, you bring your subjects close together and have them lean their heads slightly towards the center of your shot. This will become an even more effective picture if you have them put their arms around each others shoulders. It insinuates camaraderie, while also helping your subjects to instantly become more photogenic. This natural pose would probably be best for impromptu ‘student life’ photos, rather than for teams or clubs. And since it’s a go-to for students when they grab their own snapshots with friends, this group shot is easy for your subjects to master. And that translates to a spontaneous-looking set of yearbook photos for your book! 

The ‘Heads in a Circle’

A fun way to show off the teams and groups in your school, the ‘heads in a circle’ shot offers a cool perspective, while also ensuring that you get everyone from a larger group into the picture. You can do this in two ways: one, by having everyone lie down on the ground with their heads in a circle, then taking the shot from above. Two, by having everyone stand close together in a circle, while you lay on the ground and shoot up at their faces. Both offer a unique final picture for your yearbook, and the group you’re photographing will have a ton of fun creating the shot! 

The ‘Over the Shoulder’

One of the most modern–and totally adorable–ways to capture a group is by lining them up, staggered just slightly behind each other. Then have each person look out over the shoulder of the person in front of them. This group pose adds depth to your shot, while also contributing something unique to the pages of your yearbook. Plus, it only takes a minute to set up, which makes it the perfect way to capture a group when you’re on the go! 

The Jumping Shot

This pose has definitely gained popularity over the past several years, but it’s one that will always garner attention on the pages of your yearbook. Plus, your students will love creating it! To make this shot work, line up your group with a little space between each person. On the count of three, have everyone jump. Encourage each person to move their whole body dynamically by putting their arms in the air or out to the sides. The more movement you create, the more interesting the photo will be. Try to snap the image with each person up in the air. It will take a few tries to get the perfect shot, but it’s totally worth it when you see the final images! 

Awesome Group Yearbook Photos

Group yearbook photos are the bread and butter of the images you shoot. So make sure you give your committee some awesome ways to grab an interesting perspective when they’re out in the field. When they’re prepared with poses, the images that you wind up with for your book will be much more captivating for your readers, as no two will ever look exactly the same. And that’s definitely one of the ways to take your content from good to amazing!

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